The Best Blogger Crafts: Simply Charming Embellished Fascinator

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This month we’re celebrating our bloggers and their creativity. In January 2014 at CHA, bloggers gathered at our CHA Networking Event to meet companies and to work more with us here FaveCrafts. After getting a bunch of crafty swag from the event, they set out to make projects out of the materials they were given. We’re featuring these projects all month with giveaways so you can make your own versions of their wonderful crafts.

Simply Charming Embellished Fascinator

Simply Charming Embellished FascinatorIf you’re feeling regal, make your own Simply Charming Embellished Fascinator. This is a great way to add some fun to a boring outfit. Throw together your own DIY feather fascinator using charms, fabric and even outrageous feathers. There’s no way any other person will have a similar outfit, that’s for sure. Gather up your favorite embellishments and be sure to show off your unique personality.

You can find this project, as well as many other fabulous blogger projects, in our new eBook, The Best Blogger Craft Ideas 2014: Decoupage, Sewing, Jewelry Making, and More free eBook. Download your own free copy today!

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Today’s prize is a variety of Elmer’s products. Included in the prize is:

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Be sure to check out these other best blogger craft projects that use Elmer’s products!

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What was your favorite craft to make as a kid?


Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Sara M. who answered “My favorite craft project when I was a kid were pin cushions made out of baby food jars with potpourri inside the jars. We didn’t have much money growing up because there were a lot of us kids. So we made do with what we had. I remember making them for Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun.”

To see the current giveaway, please check our giveaway schedule.

Enter to win our Super Spectacular Grand Prize Giveaway! Filled with more than $500.00 worth of amazing prizes from 15 companies, this is the ultimate way to get crafting this month! The deadline to enter is April 25, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Super Spectacular Grand Prize Giveaway


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  • You have until tonight, April 25th, 2014 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment on this post. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.
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  1. says

    My favourite craft as a child: let’s see….. I really liked (and still do) to make things for family at Christmas time. Handmade things from the heart. No matter how “homely” it may be, the thought is what counts. My favourite gift, is the same in return. Even to this day,I was taught to cook and sew when young..those were the things I did for others. Of course, a good glue “goop” recipe was always fun too.

    Thank you

  2. Jennifer Carmer says

    Loved to make cards for my Mom & Dad. I once made a card with a construction basket that I left open in the middle & filled with tons of dried flowers. My Mother loved it & kept it for years. When she gave each of us kids our things back from our childhood, that card with in there. I actually recycled the card, by using the dried flowers for another craft project. I still like to make cards!

  3. Sara Miller says

    My favorite craft project when I was a kid were pin cushions made out of baby food jars with potpourri inside the jars. We didn’t have much money growing up because there were a lot of us kids. So we made do with what we had. I remember making them for Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun.

  4. Brenda Brechbuhl says

    I lived anything with Elmer’s white glue. I would always cover my hand and let dry and peel it. Even when I got older I would still do it and in science class I would put it under the microscope! Too much fun and still love!

  5. Sue says

    I love all kinds of crafts from flower arranging to tole painting. I also draw freehand pictures & doodle art. My Mom always was baking & sewing she made me a beanbag out of a scrap of fabric that I still cherish today that was over 50 yrs. ago. My daughter also played with that beanbag. I’ve since retired it to a special box. I also crochet never a dull moment spent at my house. I enjoy life & living & crafting in my home.

  6. Ellen de Vries says

    I liked to recycle things to play with. Granddad’s pyama became a jacket for a doll

  7. clare says

    When I was a kid I loved making the pompoms with two cardboard dohnuts and a ball of wall: -)

  8. Linda says

    Could really use the paint markers to decorate baby onesies. Having a lot of fun decorating and selling the onesies.
    Thanks so much.

  9. Ruby H says

    I loved making things out of different shapes of pasta and sea shells . I love my Elmers glue now for my Scrapbooking projects .

  10. Ileene Fischer says

    When I was in grammar school my mother taught me to crochet and sew. I would make clothes for my dolls. I would have to go with her to her sewing room when my older sisters boyfriends would come to see her. So you see, We got a fair amount of sewing time in.

  11. Belinda Smith says

    My favorite crafting projects are fabric painting. I love taking a piece of clothing that has been stained or torn and refributing it, with pictures I paint, and embellishment of different kinds of glitter or lace or beads, ribbons, buttons, anything I can fine to work with. I have made many shirts over the years for my children and grandchildren, and to show there thanks, when they out grow them they cut the front painted squares and send to the mom, and she make a family quilt out of them. I also like to share my craft with anyone who thinks they can’t paint. I always say if you can color in a coloring book, you can paint any picture you want.

  12. Cindy Sherwood says

    I liked to take odds and ends (usually thrown away) and turn them into treasures, repurposing way back before it was cool.

  13. Cindy Sherwood says

    I would take odds and ends (usually from the trash) and transform them into something handy and useful, way back before repurposing was cool.

  14. Donna R says

    My favorite crafts were always using the glue, glitter, sequins, different styrofoam shapes and other items to make our own Christmas ornaments every year! 🙂

  15. Jennifer says

    I loved making wreaths out of all kinds of different materials, I still make them today!!

  16. Kathy P. says

    I loved sculpting things out of play-doh and making books out of bits of paper, embellished with pictures, either drawn on the paper or glued on with trusty Elmer’s School Glue – or whatever they called it then…

  17. pamela larson says

    Pamela Larson my mother was a great influence in my life .she taught me to make things. she taught me to sew, crochet,embroider, to garden. she taught me the basics and then I went on from there. I’ve made afghans for all 8 of my children and all 15 of my grandchildren. I made baby quilts and baby afghan. recently I started making jewelry and soon I want to start painting with oils, acrylic and water colors. I’ve worked with wood and metal also. I really enjoy crafting. april 25, 2014 8:50 p.m.

  18. Rhonda says

    I had two favorites…chewing gum wrapper chains and paper fans (I colored both sides of the paper first).

  19. Maureen Greene says

    Potholders! I must have made a thousand…cotton loops, nylon loops, plaids, solid, random…everyone we knew got potholders.

    I was recently cleaning out my aunt’s kitchen and there were still 5 of them — well worn — in her drawer. Are they antiques if they are over 50 years old???

  20. says

    The earliest craft I remember is drawing. I loved Charlie Brown and would draw the cartoon as I read it. I think my grandma still has some of my drawings. 😀

  21. Arlene Bryant says

    I did alot of crafts growing up,but my favorite was to learn how to crochet stuff from my grandma.Now i make afghan’s for my kid’s and grandkids.

  22. Landy Cuomo says

    Egg carton critters….and my daughter loves to make them too, which means i still get to make them as an adult.

  23. Ellyn Boecker says

    i did alot of different crafts as a kid but my favorite was learning to crochet with my mom

  24. Kim M says

    We have a lot of snow days here. My mom would save magazines, newspapers, cards, egg cartons, cereal boxes, scraps of yarn, material. I would spend hours making doll houses, along with furniture, home made cards, collages, tree ornaments, snow flakes. I really miss those days and my mom. I try to keep my kids and grand-kids interested in crafting. Thank You….

  25. Helena Horne says

    When I was a child, I enjoyed to loom! I would also mess with leaves from trees and color them and make them into paper crafts. Looming, I would make hats and scarfs. But I tryed everything that was crafty.

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