Refashion Your Christmas Decor with 17 Wreath Crafts

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Every family does Christmas a little differently, and the same can be said for how we all decorate. There is one Christmas decoration that has become a must-have and is still hugely popular right now; wreaths. They’re so versatile; they can be hung inside or outside, and they can be made with practically anything. At AllFreeChristmasCrafts, we’ve come across some projects that we would have never believed would have worked. As an early Christmas gift, we’ve put together a collection of 17 Wreaths to Make with Leftover Materials, a list full of diverse wreath crafts that will save you money and help you clean out your craft drawers.

You would never think you’d find anything in common with Christmas sweaters and craft fabric, but if you take a look at our list of wreath crafts, you’ll see that you can use both to design unique Christmas wreaths. The possibilities are endless if you have fabric materials with practically any color you can find, and because you’re using scraps and old clothes, you’re saving yourself a lot of money while cleaning out your closets.

Since Christmas happens every year, you have to continually replace your lights and utensils. You may even find yourselves running out of room on your tree! Thanks to these wreath crafts, you no longer have to throw away your old, burnt out, and broken Christmas supplies. Instead, you can work them into your crafting and design original wreaths that are totally thrifty. You don’t need money to be stylish, and these crafts prove that!

We wanted to make sure that our collection included materials that you have around your house the entire year, but may not take notice of. Gathering materials for a wreath craft can be as easy as taking an extra look in your recycling bin. Odds are you’ll find a project on this list that uses supplies that you may already have available.

Sometimes your craft projects leave you with leftover materials that aren’t the easiest to work with. You’ll be amazed at the projects on this list, which rework some of the smallest craft materials, like beads, and turn them into long-lasting decorative wreaths. This is a great way to challenge your crafting skills and creativity.

If there’s one craft supply that crafters know how to reuse, it’s paper. There was no way we couldn’t include it in our collection, and we picked out the most eye-popping designs you’ll find anywhere. You’re sure to find something you’ll want to try because each of these projects uses different techniques that create colorful designs with standout geometric patterns.

If you want stylish decorations without the costs of pricey materials, we hope you’ll check out the rest of the projects within our collection of 17 Wreaths to Make with Leftover Materials. You’ll have a holly, jolly Christmas with a wreath you can keep for as many Christmases as you’d like.

What wreath craft would you most like to try?

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  1. Abbie says

    One method for wreath crafting that I did with my mother growing up was a good ‘ole Martha Stewart classic: the cranberry wreath. This is a cheap and easy method that looks classic, beautiful and different from the traditional green wreath. All you need is a bag of cranberries, toothpicks and a styrofoam cylinder from any supply store. This is also a great activity for kids because they won’t be temped to eat the tart and sour cranberries!
    Happy crafting!

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