Project of the Day and Giveaway: Trinket Bracelet

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I’m so excited we’re getting so much feedback for National Craft Month. It’s been a blast sharing all of the exciting Project of the Day tutorials with all of you and giving away tons of awesome prizes too! We hope you’ve been having as much as we have! Keep staying tuned to the blog for more craft tutorials and more chances to win. Don’t forget we’re continuing this through the entire month of March, so you still have plenty of chances to win a new prize each day!

Today we’re sharing our Project of the Day, which comes from Prima. We are making a fun bracelet that uses Prima Art Tiles and Vintage Trinkets. It’s a beginner project which makes it great for those just getting into jewelry. Let’s begin!

Trinket Bracelet

Add this fabulous bracelet to your wardrobe before stepping out of the house. You’re sure to be the talk of the night. All you have to do is add some of your favorite art tiles and attach them to the bracelet.

Supplies Needed:

  • Prima Art Tiles
  • Vintage Trinket Heart Locket
  • Chain Bracelet
  • Jump Rings
  • Sharp tool or drill and drill bit


  1. Punch or drill holes in the tops of the art tiles. For suggestions on how to do so, see this tutorial.
  2. Attach a jump ring to each art tile. Open a jump ring by placing each side in a pair of chain nose pliers. Holding the left side steady, bring the right side towards you, creating an opening. Put the jump ring through the hole in the tile.
  3. Select which link of the bracelet chain you wish to attach the tile to; attach the jump ring with the tile to the chain link. Close the jump ring by placing each side in each of your pliers; twist the right side away from you and then back to you while pushing in slightly. Do not add too much pressure or the jump ring could become misshapen.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each tile.
  5. You can add additional trinkets to the chain to create a fun charm bracelet.


Like I mentioned earlier, we’re giving away a prize every single day of March, right here on the blog for National Craft Month. It’s so easy to enter; just be sure to check back each day for our Project of the Day post like this one to comment to enter! You have 31 chances to win and a new special prize each day.

Today’s prize is a Prize Basket valued at $30!

  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person.
  • Contest closes March 14, 2012 at 11:59p CST.
  • Please answer the question below in order to be entered.
  • Winners will be posted on this blog and notified by email.

Answer this question below in the Comments Section of this post for a chance to be today’s winner:

When you craft, do you like to craft by yourself or with a group of friends?


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  1. Nora Charles says

    I love crafting alone. When the Muse visits, which can be anytime day or night, I jump in and lose myself. Such bliss!

  2. Laura Jarvis says

    I find it is much more enjoyable to do crafts with my friends, not only is it a social event, but also a learning one as well.

  3. Cheyenne says

    I enjoy a combination of both. Some times it’s nice to do it by myself in the quiet of my home. As well there’s times where it’s more fun to socialize and chat. 🙂

  4. Janet Cobb says

    I do my crafting alone, none of my friends are crafters. Boy, are they losing out!

  5. Tammy Hempel says

    I like to craft both with other people and by myself. If I am doing a difficult pattern I prefer to be by myself so that I can concentrate on what I am doing. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Elizabeth says

    I get way more done when I craft all by my lonesome, but I love getting together with others to try new techniques and get new ideas on how to use old pieces in the stash. 🙂

  7. says

    My favorite time to craft is with my Mom. At only 17 years older than I, we’ve “grown up” together. She’s my best friend. We laugh and talk and it’s really a bonding time for us. It’s our together time. She’s a professional artist, so things tend to get crazy. You never walk out of the studio without something stuck to you, whether it be tape or a streak of brightly colored acrylic paint in some random area on your body.

  8. Bethany Becker says

    I prefer to scrap alone or with 1 other person. It is good to get an opinion at times about what you are working on.

  9. Beverley Harney says

    I love crafting with my granddaughter and also there are times when i like to craft alone. I like to make the projects from your web sight.

  10. Lisa Nielsen says

    I love going to crops and getting ideas from others. I do enjoy getting in that zone by myself at home too, I can actually get more done!

  11. Ann Kinderknecht says

    I find that I am more creative when i am alone….perhaps it allows me to really expand my mind without anyone looking:)…but I get better results and am much more creative….

  12. cecile says

    I normally craft by myself although my husband or children or mother-in-law would sometimes be around doing their own thing. When I craft alone, I allow the Universe to touch my hands and creative mind in order to come up with a wonderful project.I imagine the would be recipient to really love the finished product. And amazingly, my hand sewn items were very much appreciated by the person to whom it was intended.

  13. Linda Yates says

    I like crafting both with and without friends. Both are inspiring to me. I learn from friends, and they learn from me. We are great together.


    I prefer to craft by my self, excepr when my grand daughter is visiting she told her Mother she wished we lived closer then she would come over every day to Sew (she is 7 yrs old).

  15. pam noonan says

    I like to craft alone at night or with friends at a retreat or an afternoon. it is fun to share ideas and trade merchandise too.

  16. Patrice says

    I tend to craft alone, but I thing I would love to be apart of a crafting group on day.

  17. Melody says

    I like to craft alone but if given the chance when family/friends who live far from me are visiting- we enjoy crafting together. It is nice family time.

  18. Sherri Jarvis says

    I always craft alone but love making things that lots of times give away. The bracelet it really pretty.

  19. Antonia says

    Very cute bracelet. I often craft while watching tv with my spouse or gaming with my friends. However, once in a while a couple of my friends organize either a craft night or a crochet night.

  20. Cecilia says

    I like to craft by myself! Although it is fun to do it with others around aannddd we can collaborate our ideas to get better creative juices flowing. I can get a lot more done faster when I’m alone. =]

  21. says

    I am usually alone when I craft, but I would also love to craft with others. Growing up my Aunt Cindy was my 4-H leader and I looked forward to family getting together and creating projects. This is a way to spend quality time with familys and to have the interaction with others

  22. Connie says

    I usually craft alone as I do it in the backroom of our pc repair shop, but I love it when a friend stops by to give me their opinon on what I am doing. I love the bracelet as I create jewelry all the time.

  23. Linda McCombe says

    If I’m designing or really intense on a project, I like to do it alone. But I also like to craft with others, and I love to teach. My granddaughters are learning all different kinds of crafts.

  24. Shirley says

    I crochet alone unless my friend and I can sneak out and go “hooking” at McDonalds. We usually make it there about 2 nights a week. They start a fresh pot of coffee when they see us pull in.

  25. Shirley Strait says

    It depends on the craft and my mood. When I’m crocheting or knitting that takes real concentration I like to work alone. When it is a simple pattern I like company. When I make cards it’s more fun with a group of us working together.

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