Project of the Day and Giveaway: Mini Butterfly Crayon Canvases

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All month long we’ve been teaming up with talented designers and top craft companies to bring you new crafts and giveaways. Sadly, as National Craft Month comes to a close, there are only two more special blog posts like today’s Project of the Day. Then we return to our regular scheduled programming – which will still deliver giveaways, project ideas, news and more! But let’s live in the present, shall we? Today’s Project of the Day will cheer us right up! You’re going to love the Mini Butterfly Crayon Canvases from Consumer Crafts we’re about to share with you. It’s a fun, easy project that even the kids can get in on. Celebrate spring with this bright colored craft!

Once you’ve read about our Project of the Day, scroll to the bottom of this post and answer the question in blue. By simply leaving a comment in the comments section, you’ll be entered to win today’s giveaway.


Mini Butterfly Crayon Canvases

Nothing says spring like butterflies and bright colors! Celebrate the season with the Mini Butterfly Crayon Canvases. This craft is so simple, you can even let the kids help. Once they’re completed, they’re perfect to hang on the wall of a child’s bedroom or really anywhere in your home. Follow these simple steps and you’ll love the results. It’s a cheerful craft you can make yourself.


  • Three (3) Studio 71 3×3 inch Mini Canvases (white) (These come in groups of three when you order them at ConsumerCrafts.)
  • Victoria Lynn White Pearl Floral Spray
  • Queen & Co. Bling Pearls (white)
  • Core’dinations Cardstock (white)
  • Glue Dots Craft Adhesive
  • Studio 71 Wooden Mini Easel (optional)
  • 24 Count Crayola Crayons
  • EK Success Large Butterfly Punch
  • Multi-Purpose Heat Tool
  • Scissors


The first thing you need to decide is your color palette. I chose the whole rainbow! I split the spectrum into three sections: Red/Orange, Yellow/Green, and Blue/Purple. I found it worked well to use 3-4 colors per canvas to get a good variety of color.

Peel back and discard the paper on the crayons you wish to use.

Take off and discard the plastic coverings on your canvases.

Place a piece of scrap paper underneath your canvas, to keep your work space clean.

Here we go!

Hold your heat gun over the top of the tip of your crayon, and allow it to start to melt.

Let the drips from the crayon cover the canvas as desired.

Keep in mind, the heat from the heat gun will keep the crayon on the canvas liquid, and the drops on the canvas will spread.

Add additional colors as desired.

This is where it starts to get fun!

Keep adding color, and let the colors mix and swirl.

While the crayons are still molten on the canvas, you can tilt the canvas, and allow the crayons to mix and drip. I let mine drip right off the side of the canvas!

Look how cool the texture of the canvas is with the melted crayons!

Let the canvas dry, and the crayons harden.

Then you can add color splatters to the canvas.

Heat the crayon away from the finished canvas. This will keep the color already on the canvas from re-melting.

When the crayon starts dripping, hold the dripping crayon over the canvas, tap it, and allow it to splatter!

Are you having fun yet?

Repeat with your other canvases, and your selected colors.

Let the canvases dry. It doesn’t take long.

Using white Core’dinations cardstock, and a large butterfly punch, punch two butterflies per canvas.

Trim the antennas from the butterflies.

(I would like to thank my eight year old daughter Mikayla, for assisting me. She was my photographer, and the hand-model in the next photo.)

(We both clearly need manicures!)

Take a glue dot, and stretch it out to cover the body of the (bottom) butterfly.

(Designer note: make sure your working area is free from stray crayon residue, or you will be punching a bunch of extra white butterflies to replace the ones that inadvertently got colored while you worked on them. Just saying.)

Trim two strands of the pearl sprays from the bunch, and place them in the (stretched) glue dot.

With your second (top) butterfly, bend the wings upwards at the body section, and adhere it to the bottom butterfly, using the stretched glue dot.

Add a strip of adhesive Bling pearls down the center of the butterfly body.

Adhere the finished butterfly to your finished canvas using glue dots.

Trim those pearl spray antennas as desired.

That’s it!

You can choose to display your creative, artistic, FABULOUS canvases on easels:

Or on the wall:

Either way, you might have to sign the bottoms of those canvases, because people aren’t going to believe you actually made them yourself!

Like I mentioned before, now that you’ve seen our awesome Project of the Day, we’d like to offer you a stellar prize to go along with it! All you have to do is answer the question below and you’ll be entered to win:

Included in this gift basket is:

  • Core’dinations Tim Holtz & Ranger Adirondack Paper Pack Collection
  • Opposites Attract Cricut font cartridge
  • 40 sheets of Core’dinations Cut & Emboss Series cardstock
  • Hearts/love scrapbook
  • 2 packs of Darice paper crafting greeting cards and envelopes
  • 100 sheets of Darice 4.5in x 6.5in cardstock in assorted colors
  • 100 piece pack of jumbo cardstock shapes
  • Pack of large paper crafting scraps
  • American Crafts Thickers chip board stickers
  • 4 Darice embossing folders
  • Tape runner

Contest Rules:

  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person.
  • Contest closes March 30, 2012 at 11:59p CST.
  • Please answer the question below in order to be entered.
  • Winners will be posted on this blog and notified by email


What have you enjoyed most about National Craft Month? Have you picked up on any new craft tips? Did you create anything new from the projects you’ve seen in our Project of the Day posts?



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  1. Clara says

    I’ve enjoyed all the new and inspiring ideas that have been shared during National Craft Month most. I’ve learned of a lot of blogs that I’ve never seen before, with tons of tips I’m sure. I’ve only been able to skim through some so far but can’t wait to start visiting regularly and get started making some of the projects. I’ve not had much time this month to work on crafts, but I have definitely found lots to try. Thanks for providing such great craft info to celebrate National Craft Month!

  2. Carolyn Frady says

    I thought the canvases were quite nice. They would really be nice to have your daughter help make them, them hang them in her room. I think she would be very proud of them.

  3. Fawn says

    this project is awesome!!! i am re-doing my bedroom in purple with butterfly theme….this is gonna be a GREAT thing to make for wall decor for my new bedroom! thank you soooooo much for this great idea!!!

  4. Marg Daley says

    I have been knitting scarves from the new Twirl yarn…they look great and are so easy to do but look like they are super complicated!

  5. June Lynner says

    Thanks for another idea for my heat gun. I need the tips to fully make use of my craft supplies.

  6. says

    I have never really spent that much time going to different sites, till now. I love those butterfly canvases and even though they were more for a young girls room, I would love them above my bed to replace the old picture I have there. My crafting has ben limited since I retired. This wil gives me a reason to start again.

  7. Debbie says

    I love the cryan butterfly canvase.Love learning new ways of crafts.Thanks for sharing and a chance to win !

  8. Gabriele Jolly says

    Love the Give-a-ways and also the ideas . I made the Butterfly canvases on a larger canvas added paper flowers and grass prints soo pretty a little sign of spring to come… we currently still have snow on the ground in Michigan

  9. says

    Of course I love the give-a-ways, but the daily projects are awesome and have given me soooo many ideas. I am definitely going to have to try to melted crayon canvas. What an awesome give-a-way!

  10. Jenny says

    My daughter and I just bought one of these itty easels and canvases yesterday! She wanted to melt crayons n it and use it in her dollhouse!

  11. Deb Brooks says

    I craft all the time. Even here at work I have been asked to make thing up for special sales. Doing 2d type by adding layers of heavy colored paper is one of my best eye catchers.
    My Grands and I love to recycle and re direct lots of things. From broken crayons to worn out shoes we use them for something very important. Shoes make wonderful flower pots. Adds some interest to the stairs going into the house. I have even used them (old shoes) to hold things in my garden tool shed.
    Reading the daily tips and suggestions just adds more ideas that I can use for all kinds of fun projects.

  12. robin says

    I think it was really cool how you melted the crayon to make the cool design and the beads on butterfly just add to the butterfly to give it color. I also learned some different ways to make tags and the 6 different ways to do your bottom papers.would love the giveaway but more than that I am learning so many new ways of doing scrapbooking and I will use these in my scrapbooking projects thank-you so much

  13. Trina Scrabeck says

    I just found this sight from an email! I am real excited, I love to craft . My two daughters and I will make much use of all your ideas!! Thank you

  14. Mallory says

    I haven’t made anything yet but I plan on picking up supplies for this one and the bunny pillows this weekend. My friend is having a baby so I’d love to make a blue bunny for him.

  15. Virginia Bronner says

    What I like most about National Craft Month is I realized that some craft items look hard to do and by seeing step by step pictures, you realize that they really are simple. I haven’t make anything yet because I try to have two to three craft projects going at the same time and I am at my limit now. If it’s more than that, sometimes the projects do not get completed.

  16. joyce says

    I love looking at all of the different crafting ideas. So many of them are added to my list of projects. What fun!

  17. says

    Honestly, I just found out it is national craft month, and I have missed everything! Really love this project, so cute and clever, easy to do. Really stylish on that wall!

  18. Janet Cobb says

    This project idea is really cute! It’s so much fun learning how to do all these different crafts.

  19. Shansnook says

    I love the melted crayon idea. This made my mind wander through all sorts of ideas to do with this. I am thinking about trying to do my nieces initials for them. What a great gift idea.

  20. lisa says

    Such a cute craft! I love the butterflies, I think I may try to apply the crayon to them and place clips on the back so I can apply them to gifts! They may also look cute on some summer flower displays! I am loveing ALL your ideas!

  21. Debby says

    Been seeing lots of interestng new projects & now have lots of favorite sites saved! I’m in the middle of a project that I want to complete before starting something new. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Babrara says

    What a great and simple idea! Thanks for sharing this one I can think of lots of ways to modify the basic task to create lots of fun accents for a room!

  23. Lori Crawford says

    I have enjoyed all the new crafts! And I have learned a lot about the differents crafts out there too.

  24. Alison says

    I have loved seeing all the new ideas in all the crafting mediums. I want to try some of these ideas, especially today’s butterfly canvases – I have a spot where they would look great, done in shades of blues like the Blue Morpho butterfly.

  25. Courteney says

    I am enjoying all the different crafts. I am always looking for something new to do and there are just so many great ideas here that I want to do everything at once. Thankfully I have 2 great craft stores right near me.

  26. Brenda Alvillar says

    I like all the new ideas. I’m very inspired to try new things. But I am also inspired to pick up my crochet needle and finish my blanket.

  27. JUDY ANDERS says

    I’m learning lots and looking forward to trying the mini canvas crayon butterfly pictures. It looks easy with pro. looking results.

  28. says

    The best thing about crafting and seeing the daily craft ideas is that is gives me spin off ideas to create my own works of art, either using the same concept, or just giving me a completely new idea! I love working with all kinds of media, from hand sewing with needles and thread to making purses, wallets and flowers on the end of pens with duct tape, to beading jewelry and tying hemp or scrap booking, I like to try it all and see if I can’t make something unique and fun that is also functional and practical. =)

  29. Stephanie B. says

    my daughter saw this and wants to make them and all the other projects you have.
    she’s home schooled and loves doing things with her hands I hope I win something for
    her so that I can give it to her as a surprise!

  30. My Nguyen says

    I love to have craft ideas sent to me everyday. I really like the idea of splat painting on canvas. I think I will try it soon

  31. Emma says

    National Craft Month got me thinking crafting again, I reorganized my supplies, counted my knitting needles and crochet hooks, and found so many new patterns for a rainy day! I’m excited to get back to crocheting afghans and knitting socks!

  32. Sheila D. says

    I love this craft month! So many great ideas. I am going to Oregon next month to visit 3 of my fave kids and we are definitely making the butterflies on canvas.

  33. Michelle S. says

    I have enjoyed all the new crafts and I am in the process of incorporating many of them into my classroom activities. I do have to modify some since the children I work with range in age from one year to five years. I can’t wait to read and to more!

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