Project of the Day and Giveaway: Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes

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We’re just about at the end of National Craft Month, but there’s always so much to share! Hopefully you’ve been collecting tons of patterns and getting plenty of great ideas. Be sure to check out posts from earlier this month to make sure you haven’t missed a single moment of the fun!

As a bonus to the fabulous craft tutorials we’ve been featuring, we’ve also been offering prizes each and every day of National Craft Month. If you haven’t been chosen as one of our lucky winners just yet, don’t worry. We still  have plenty of giveaways left so stay tuned to the blog for your chance to win!

It’s Day 29 of National Craft Month so we have a treat for you. It’s a sweet combination of rainbows and cupcakes. The Project of the Day is a colorful crochet pattern from our friends at AllFreeCrochet!


Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes

We’ve got cupcakes to share! Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes is a delicious pattern. Create a crocheted rainbow of colors with brightly “frosted” treats. Not everybody has time to bake and keep an assortment of scrumptious goodies, but with this free crochet pattern you can always have some cupcakes on hand. Add rainbow sprinkles with shiny bugle beads or embroidered knots. You may not be able to taste this crocheted rainbow, but you’ll certainly enjoy seeing it everyday. Be sure to share the Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes with some of your friends because nothing is sweeter than being a generous buddy. And for other fun rainbow patterns, check out Colors of the Rainbow: 11 Crochet Patterns.

We are giving away a prize a day every day here on our FaveCrafts blog for National Craft Month. It is so easy to enter. Just go to our Project of the Day post and comment to enter! You have 31 chances to win and a new special prize each day.


  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person.
  • Contest closes March 29, 2012 at 11:59p CST.
  • Please answer the question below in order to be entered.
  • Winners will be posted on this blog and notified by email.

Answer this question below in the Comments Section of this post for a chance to be today’s winner:

Who inspired or what inspired you to start crafting?

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  1. Janet says

    I first saw my grandmother crocheting when I was around 10. I loved it. I decided I needed to learn so I could create things as well. That was 45 years ago and I love creating/crocheting even more now.

  2. Frances says

    I’ve been crafting since I was a little kid. I guess my mother & aunts got me into it with supplies and a little help and instruction as a way of keeping me occupied when I was bored on rainy days etc… (I grew up in the pre computer era – hence no video games to play etc…). I recently got back into it because of the economy and needing a way to provide decent gifts that didn’t cost too much and maybe make a little money extra on the side.

  3. Sara B. says

    As a kid, my mom would sew and do embroidery. I started early and learned how to do embroidery. As an adult, I just love crafts. I am a big knitter and teaching myself crochet now.

  4. Beechbaby says

    It was my paternal grandmother as well. She used to go to the local senior citizens center and come home with all of these really cool ideas (I was 7 or 8 years old at the time). I loved being allowed to go with her to ceramics class, she showed me some embroidery stitches that I later used on my jeans when that was all the rage in the 70’s.
    And nowadays I’ll try just about anything once. If it doesn’t hold my interest I move on to the next thing. You never know what you can do until you try it…but I have learned to try the first one with inexpensive materials just in case 🙂

  5. kassy says

    the simple beautiness i can get through it. all those things that were craftable, that i wished i had, that i made by crafting 😛 love crafting, if it didn’t exist, i’d invent it

  6. danielle says

    My mom. She taught me to enjoy knitting, cross stitch, needlepoint. She never did get me to enjoy sewing, something I occassionally regret! I also never did get into cetemics like she did, either.

  7. Carol Hanson says

    My mother taught me to sew and embroider before I was 9 and could join 4H. I had to take classes at Tech school to learn knitting and crochet after college.

  8. Candra B says

    I can’t remember who first inspired me, but my mom, 4-H advisors, and my sister-in-law have all taught me a lot!

  9. Chacoy says

    My mom has always been a crafter so she has inspired me to start crafting!
    Thanks for the opportunity:)

  10. C-Jay M says

    My mom. She wanted to go to school to become a dress-designer, but couldn’t afford it. But, she sewed her wedding dress, all her bridesmaids’ dresses, clothes for her six kids (3 girls & 3 boys), and wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses for me and one of my sisters. She sewed Barbie clothes for our dolls, stuffed animals, you name it. Plus, she knit (many sweaters, mittens, etc.), crocheted, did embroidery and cross stitch, and many different crafts. Now, at 86 her hands give her trouble, so she has stopped.

  11. Tania Muriel says

    The home Econ.teacher I had my senior year in high school. She encouraged us to learn & make a blanket for our kids.I put it to the side for several years & decided to start up again. I love it & find its very therapeutic. I thank God for giving my this talent & its a blessing to know with every project a piece of me travels with it.

  12. shelley says

    My best friend Tia got me more involved when we worked at joann fabrics togeather we would have a contest every payday to see who had the longest register receipt

  13. Nancy says

    My mother taught me to crochet when I was about 8 or so. I learned to do stamped embroidry at her knee. She was an excellent seamstress, which has passed me by. I do have her sewing machine.

    These cupcakes will make great gifts to all my gluten free friends and myself.

  14. Linda L. says

    My favorite class in high school was art. I kinda drifted away from crafting after I quit teaching Children’s Church. I began again in the last few years, though, mainly because some of my friends were into it and reminded me of how much fun it is.

  15. Lorri M. Baranowski says

    My grandmothers and my mom taught me to sew, crochet, and embroider. Crafting keeps me sane and motivated daily. The family tradition continues with my sisters and my nieces.

  16. julia ann cook says

    my kids first started me crafting, then i stopped for about 25 years because of work, too busy , now i’m retired , got bored and remembered thay i was never bored while i was crafting

  17. Jem says

    For me it wasn’t a “who”, it was a “what.” I’ve never wanted to waste anything, so even as a child, I came up with craft ideas to recycle and reuse 🙂

  18. Bethany Becker says

    My mom inspired me. She was always making something crafty while I was a kid.

  19. Marie says

    My mom taught me how to embroider when I was around 8 or 9. I have been involved in crafts ever since then.

  20. Nancy L says

    A local independant arts & crafts store was going out of business… they gradually lowered all remaining merchandise to 90% off! I decided that day to take up jewelry making! I asked another customer in the beading department (who was wearing a fab necklace she had made) what I should buy. She simply said, Buy what you like! In going through my mother’s jewelry I found bracelets that I had made at a very early age, strung on wire from my dad’s work bench.

  21. Susan says

    My grandmother’s dear friend used to babysit us when we were small. Each time she came over, she brought some craft project with her, to keep us quiet and occupied I suppose. We (I) learned how to crochet, make bead flowers, paper mache angels, bake cookies, and so many other things that I remember to this day (I’m 56 now). Each time I begin another project, I think about my dear “Aunt” Ginny.

  22. cath says

    It must have been my mother, who occasionally found the time (after taking care of 4 children and a house) to do some crafting. I had a terrific teacher in the sixth grade, Mrs. Lyons, who did some amazing art projects with us. Hats off to her, too.

  23. Ellen Gaynor says

    My mother was always sewing. She taught me how to sew by hand, and by age 5 I was sewing doll clothes on her old sewing machine.

  24. Jeanette says

    My mom inspired me. She sewed a lot of our clothes and Barbie clothes when we were little.

  25. Wendy Hilgenberg says

    My wonderful Aunt Penny taught me how to sew, knit and crochet. She was so very talented! She taught my sister how to bake and decorate wedding cakes, my other sister how to cook and cater functions. She plays the piano, bakes, cooks and so much more. She has taught us with such patience! Should we call her Saint Penny?


    I was inspired by my mother and her mother who both sewed their own clothes.I croched my wedding train and enjoy painting and quilting.

  27. Susan R says

    When I was 7 years old I had Polio that paralyzed my left arm. After having two operations that gave me back some of the movement and use of my left arm, the doctor and therapists suggested that I learn to knit to strengthen my hand and give it more flexibilty. A friend of my mother’s said that she would teach me. I loved knitting and have been doing it for 58 years. Later I learned to crochet and have enjoyed making things for my children and 7 grandsons as well as for other family members and friends.

  28. Ce53 says

    I always liked working with my hands. My mother taught me some embroidery basics when I won a small stamped embroidery project at a church bazaar when I was around 8 years old, Although she also knitted, it was a firend of hers who was wroking on a simple slipper pattern when visiting us who at my request, taught me how to make them. My grandmother gave me some other simple knitting projects to keep me going, and also taught me to crochet. I also wanted to learn to sew, so took high home economics a year to learn that, I’ve continued with the old crafts and added new ones as I’ve been inspired by things I’ve seen and liked, and wanted to learn the skills to make them for myself.

  29. Brenda Greene says

    When I had my first child I saw a sweater I wanted for her and no one I knew could knit so I bought a book and taught myself. By the time I had my third child I finally knew enough to make it.

  30. moniquehasana says

    My great grandmother only spoke Spanish and crafts was a way for her to communicate with me and teach me how to speak her language. I loved her the most

  31. says

    My mother started me with hand sewing. I made some pretty rad doll clothes…ha-ha. She also taught me to knit. My Aunt Rachel taught me to crochet. For years I sewed all my own clothing–from college to over 25 years of teaching 1st grade. Now retired, crochet has become my life-time love. I crochet for my family and friends, including my beautiful great-grandson as well as my church.

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