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My idea of “partying” has changed a lot. These days, I’m much more interested in sharing a good meal with close friends. In fact, I’ve found that sometimes the best nights are spent sitting around, laughing and talking. In my opinion, decorating and crafting can take an ordinary night to the next level. Pretty homemade favors, cool tablescapes and fun photo ops help create a fun and memorable experience.

When hosting a party, it’s important that you set the mood with fun decor and colorful touches. You don’t need a lot of expensive supplies for these projects, so round up what you have and use your creativity. An Origami Paper Chain doesn’t take long to make and only requires a few easy-to-find-materials. You can coordinate the paper for these garlands for a graduation (school colors) or a sports-themed event (team colors). In addition to delightful decor, a party isn’t complete without refreshments. Find an old cart or side table at a thrift store and cover it in chalkboard paint. Have guests leave notes or drink orders on your Chalkboard Party Cart – you’ll have fun reading the messages when the party is over! Another fun idea for a party at home? Party hats! C’mon, this is your chance to get a little silly, so why not take advantage? Use an ice cream cone to create an Ice Cream Party Hat – you’ll love taking pictures and posing with your awesome design.

There’s never a bad reason to have a party, so gather up your closest friends and family members for a DIY celebration. Save money and time before the event and create a few fun crafts that will help make it a night to remember.

  1. Pastel Dipped Milk Bottle Vases from Say Yes To Hoboken
  2. DIY Washi Tape Silverware from The Merry Thought
  3. Baby Block Photo Holder from Something Is Done
  4. Woodsy Cupcake Stand from The Lovely Cupboard
  5. Washi Tape Paper Lanterns from A Casarella
  6. DIY Serving Tray from The Flair Exchange
  7. Mini Bunting from Me and Mr. Jones
  8. Comic Bubbles from Crew & Lu
  9. Disposable Gilded Cups from Running Blonde
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