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20 Baby Blanket Patterns

20 Baby Blanket Patterns

You never know when it will happen: that time in your life when it seems like all of your friends are having babies. And while it may seem like that's crazy and time is just flying, you can't even focus on how scary it all is … [Read More...]

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18 Wood Pallet Projects- What to Make With Wood Pallets

18 Wood Pallet Projects: What to Make With Wood Pallets

Wood pallet projects are something that should be on the bucket lists of every crafter out there. Not only are wood pallets incredibly easy to work with, but they are also very cheap and easy to find. Add the fact that anything made of pallets looks extremely stunning, and you have the perfect craft. These pallet ideas can add a nice country charm to any home. If the rustic life is not your style, however, have no fear! Wood pallets are one of the most versatile materials to craft with, so you can tweak these wood pallet ideas however you want … [Read More...]