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7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts

You don't have to have a western themed home to embrace the horseshoe. Horseshoes are now almost a staple in modern and rustic decor. There are some really talented Etsy sellers that have mastered the art of crafting with … [Read More...]

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Let it Glow: 9 Glow-in-the Dark Ideas You Won’t Believe Are Real

Glow in the dark crafts are not just for Halloween. There are so many possibilities for your projects to glow - and we've rounded up our favorites. These glow in the dark ideas will allow you to have the best glowstick party ever. Plus, glow in the dark crafts for kids are always fun and sometimes educational. I love to see the look on a child's face after playing with glow in the dark play dough and watching them enjoy the little things in life. Glow crafts can be so mesmerizing and now I just want to know all of the things that glow in … [Read More...]