Our Latest Survey Results: What’s Your Craziest Quilt Pattern?

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A recent survey conducted by FaveQuilts has given us a great idea of what you, our readers and followers of our newsletter Piecing It Together have to say about all things quilting. We created this survey to get a better idea of how we can tailor our content to match your interests and needs, as well as what are the easiest ways to communicate these ideas.

Readers answered a variety of questions with some really interesting responses. When asked “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever quilted?”, Piecing It Together readers revealed just how creative and extensive they are with answers like “a crazy quilt car”, “Shakespearean costumes”, and “a pillowcase for a casket”. Quilters also weren’t shy to reveal how much they’ve spent on their craft, with 25.3% having at one time spent between $50 to $100 on supplies with a very close 24.2% relaying that they’ve spent $200+ for one purchase. This would explain why 54.4% of readers chose “the cost” as the hardest/most frustrating thing about quilting.

Out of 4,672 responders to the FaveQuilts survey, a majority were females who were 60 and over who enjoyed quilting for their family most of all (61.8%) and preferred quilting once to a few times during the week (45.2%). We learned that many of our readers preferred intermediate patterns (50.5%) and liked to spend 1 to 2 weeks on on each project (47.1%).

Some important information from the survey:FaveQuilts Piecing It Together Survey

What kind of quilt do you make the most?:

Bed Size Quilts – 46.2%
Throw and Lap Quilts – 40.3%
Wall Quilts – 5.9%
Mini Quilts – 5.4%
Art Quilts – 2.1%

-Time Online:

In the morning – 40.8%
In the evening  – 30.5%
I’m online all day – 19.6%
In the afternoon – 9.1%

-Staying connected with FaveQuilts:

Piecing It Together Newsletter – 85.0%
Facebook – 20.1%
Pinterest –  10.0%
FaveCraftsBlog – 11.4%
Google+ – 6.0%
Twitter – 0.6%

-Quilting Resources:

Online – 56.2%
In magazines -25.1%
In books -18.6%


We also asked our readers for any suggestions for our site. Here’s some of what they said:

“I like the newsletter just the way it is. It provides a wide variety of projects that are fun and easy to do.”

“A tiny photo with each title to make it easier/ faster to find what interests me as I have very little time to go through each listing.”

“I enjoy it as it is. I would like to continue seeing new ideas & new techniques”

“Patterns, and more patterns!”

“Already doing a super job. I’ve gotten many ideas from FaveQuilts.”

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve quilted?


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