Monthly Craft Question: How Do You Organize Your Craft Room?

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For January, the monthly craft question was: How are you getting your craft room organized for the New Year? Do you have any tips? What’s your best-kept organizational secret?  Can we see pictures of your craft room?  Do you have any organizational projects to share?

As usual, we reached out to designers and crafters alike to get down to the bottom of their craft rooms!  In addition to the tips below we’re also starting an exciting, nine-week Craft Room Series.  Keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks!

Here are what our readers and designers had to say:

Cheryl Steiger
My craftroom is very well organized but right now it just needs a good cleaning and putting away.  My new craft toys from Christmas need to find and home.  I also want to make a list of some new crafts I want to try this coming year!

I’m fortunate in that the former owners of my home put a bedroom in the attic with 2 built-in dressers with 4 deep drawers each, plus a built-in bed with 3 more drawers.  That’s where I keep my yarn stash.  I cleaned out a lot of my fabric and what’s left are in 2 storage bins with lids.  Threads are on 2 thread holders on top of the 4 drawer cabinet which holds my patterns.  Notions are kept in drawers in a plastic storage unit.  Paints, stencils, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, etc. are kept in another lidded storage bin in plastic bags.  I’m pretty well organized!

Terri O from Terri O Craft Projects
Terri was kind enough to review several organizational products in the video below. Enjoy!

Check out Terri’s Tips for Organization here.

Jen Goode from Jen Goode Designs
The best tip for me to share about organizing a craft studio is group your supplies together as you use them and display them in a way that makes them easy to reach and see. The less you have to do to decide which supplies to use or what to create a certain look, the more time you can spend making something fabulous.

Maria Nerius, FaveCrafts Resident Craft Expert
I must organize everything in clear containers because if I don’t see it, I forget I have it.  These containers are organized in 5 pantry like cabinets in my studio. I organize by type of material or supply, for example all my beads and jewelry supplies are in one cabinet while all my paper goods are in another cabinet. My best tip is to put everything up once you are done using it and put it back in  the same place every time.  After 28 years of trying to organize all my craft stuff I am still learning, yet I have some of the same clear organizers I had at the beginning. I’ve learned to adapt containers and clear organizers to my current supply inventory. You have to keep changing to keep up with the techniques that you are using. As a general craft designer, I do have way too too much stuff. Twice a year I go through my supplies and donate anything that I am no longer using to local schools and community centers.

Phyllis from Many Creative Gifts
Well, I guess my first wish is that I could have a whole room for crafting!!  So, keeping things organized is actually even more important since I’ve got a couple of different spots in our one-bedroom apartment where I keep the tools for my crocheting (mainly yarn, crochet hooks, and books).  I have found that the clear plastic shoe boxes that you can get at the Container Store or even at your local drugstore are my best organizational tool.  I have all of my yarns organized either by yarn weight or by color, and I have small plastic baskets in which I keep current WIPs (works-in-progress).  All of these get stacked in a cabinet so that, when I open the doors of the cabinet, I can survey everything and find pretty quickly what I need and am looking for.  Another addition to my desk area (where my computer and the paper work side of things are) is a cork bulletin board.  I’ve started cutting out photos that I come across in magazines and other sources and pinning them up for design inspirations, and then, there they are, all in one spot when I’m ready to start thinking about a new design project.  Organizing everything and keeping it that way is definitely a challenge, and I’m not quite ready to share any photos just yet 😉 – maybe one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get it in really good shape, take pictures, and blog about it!

Additional Organizational Tips from Readers:

Ginger Harrison
Here are a few of my craft tips that help me keep a little more organized. I save baby wipe containers. The ones that are shaped like a cylinder and have a hole in the top. I put a skein of yarn in each one and string the yarn through the hole. This makes it easier for me to get to the yarn and keeps it tangle free. Instead of saving all of my craft magazines, I tear out the pages that have ideas and patterns on them that I like and punch holes in them and put them in a three ring notebook. It is much easier to look in one notebook for a particular idea or pattern than all those craft books.

Linda Boatwright
Is your yarn tangled up? Well, do not throw away your old toilet tissue cardboard tube. Take one end of the yarn place it through the tube, place three fingers in the tube to hold the yarn in place and begin to wrap the yarn around the tube. When yarn is wrapped, pull the cardboard tube out and lo and behold you can pull the inside yarn through the tube with out in tangling the yarn. Try it. It really works.

Paula McKenzie
I have been sewing for years and like any home sewer, I have collected a bucket of buttons. When needed, and to find two or three that match, always meant dumping them out, then putting them all back. My son’s ten-gallon fish tank that never had a fish in it became a perfect vehicle to scatter buttons around without having to pour them out on the table. I just love it!

I do a lot of bead work and I have a large compartment container that I have them all in. When I am working on a project and I do not want to drag the whole unit with me, I use empty tic-tac containers to transport my seed beads. You can also use the small plastic containers that the kids get from the quarter machines at the supermarket; they work great! Just thought I would pass that along!

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  1. Carol Conrad says

    When I designed the addition to our new home I created a dedicated craft room for myself… however, that was three years ago and it still isn’t organized to use effectively. I look forward to seeing the creative organization of other craft rooms for ideas….

  2. says

    I have two tips one for my ribbon storage and the other for my paper punches. All my ribbons are hanging on a curtain rod. It’s very easy to slide them from side to side to see what you want. I thought about color coordinating them but changed my mind. I like the way all the colors clash against each other. For my paper punches I cut out a sample of each punch and glued them on a contrasting color. Each color has a designated drawer that I keep the actual punch in so you can see what punches you have a a glance and go to the drawer the punch you want is in. It works really well when I have fellow crafters over so they know what is available to use.
    You can see pictures of my craft room if you page all the way down on my blog. Hope this will help someone with their Craft Room Organization.

  3. Elaine Faulkner says

    Well, I picked up some pretty good ideas from these gals. I keep my eyes open at all stores (retail, resale, thrift, etc.) for useable containers for storage and organizing. Some of my favorites are the heavy board boxes with lids,sometimes with metal handles ,labeling windows and metal corners on the tops. Although there are always so many beautiful colors and designs to choose from, I TRY to stay within a close color family range, so things look somewhat blended. I also use wooden shelves, any color, design, etc., all the way up the walls almost to the ceiling to store and organize on.

  4. says

    I disliked all the solutions I found for keeping my ribbon stash organized, until I thought of putting them on one of those elastic-criss-crossed boards one uses to display cards, notes, etc. I purchased 1 four-by-six foot insulation panel from the hardware store and cut it in half lengthwise. Then I cut one of the two pieces in half again. Covered with pretty material (not a busy print; too distracting!), I wrapped elastic around each piece and then mounted them on the wall along one side of my craft room. Then all I did was loop my ribbon bits and loose lengths through the elastic. Grouped according to color, now when I need a ribbon, they’re all right there where I can see them. Of course, all my ribbons on spools are stored differently. If you want to see what I did, you can go to my blog ( where I will post a picture later on today.


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