Mixed Media Ideas for the Scared and Skeptical

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“Mixed media” is one of the most intimidating phrases in a crafter’s vocabulary, but, on behalf of AllFreePaperCrafts, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t be. Mixed media crafts can be super simple, and you’re guaranteed to get some incredible results. Shaking your head already? Stick with me as I bust some common myths about this ultra-cool art form that’s taking the crafting world by storm.


Myth 1: There is no such thing as an easy mixed media project.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Block

Most likely, you have some experience with mixed media already. If, for example, you painted heart on the front of a card and stamped it with a holiday greeting, you’ve done mixed media. Sharpen your skills with easy mixed media project ideas like this Mod Podge Photo Transfer Block.

The finished product may look like it was made by a professional, and that’s part of the beauty of mixed media. Once you master the technique, you’ll be able to crank out photo blocks for every occasion, and I guarantee that this delightful gift will be accepted with a smile.



Myth 2: Mixed media crafts are too expensive.Tissue Paper Dragonfly

Crafters tend to shy away from mixed media projects because they look as if they cost a fortune to make. Luckily, not every mixed media craft comes with a laundry list of fancy supplies. Some of the tutorials on AllFreePaperCrafts only call for a handful of materials.

Check out this Tissue Paper Dragonfly, a beautiful piece of mixed media art for beginners. You can hang it in your window and enjoy the pretty patterns it makes on sunny days. As its name implies, the main material you need for this project is tissue paper, and you probably have some from Christmas. Layer the paper, decorate it with markers, and you’ve got the makings of a gorgeous pair of dragonfly wings. Best of all, it didn’t cost you a dime!


Myth 3: Mixed media projects are too fancy for down-to-earth crafters like us.

Beautiful Mixed Media BookmarksMixed media has a reputation of being a little, well, stuck-up. Shake that stereotype by trying some mixed media projects that are intended for daily use, like these Beautiful Mixed Media Bookmarks. Not only are these DIY paper crafts endlessly useful and totally adorable, they also give you an excuse to play with ribbon, fabric scraps, glitter paint, and more.

With all of these simple, inexpensive mixed media ideas at your disposal, there’s no need to avoid this popular art form any longer.



Are you ready to give mixed media a try? Which of these projects would you like to make?





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