Trendtastic: Melted Crayon Art and Other Crayon Crafts for Kids

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Sunny DayColor me happy. There’s something about crayon art that just puts a smile on my face. Maybe it’s the youthful fun of it all, or perhaps it’s the bright, radiant colors. Either way, I’m smiling, and you and the kids will be too. To help put that smile on your face, AllFreeKidsCrafts has crayon boxes full of ideas on how to keep up with the crayon art trend. Crayon art is perfect for children and adults to create together, and the results are surprisingly mature. Crayons may be associated with scribbling children, but these waxy masterpieces are wall- and gift-worthy.

Color me green (but keep the happy, too). Not only is crayon art unique, fun, and awesome, but also most of the crafts work with used crayons making these environmentally-friendly art projects. In addition to putting Mother Earth on your side, that also means that funds will stay on your side. Crayons can be purchased at The Dollar Store if you don’t already have hundreds of broken ones lying around the house. Affordable and trendy crafting is the perfect way to color kids’ worlds more brightly.

Melted Crayon Canvas Art

Melt away any doubts; you are more than capable of creating a trendy piece of art, even if you are only seven years old. Gather your old crayons, and get heating. There are plenty of really awesome designs out there, and most use a Smiley Melted Crayon Artsimilar basic technique, which is featured in the Smiley Melted Crayon Art piece. The artistic freedom allowed with this type of craft is great for kicking kids’ imaginations into gear. For cool variations on the standard technique, check out the Real Melting Crayon Art at AllFreeKidsCrafts.

More Melted Crayon Canvas Art:

Sunny Day
Rudolph Melted Crayon Canvas
Melted Hearts

Kids’ Crafts with Crayons

Crayon Monogram

Crayons don’t need to be melted to fit the chic movement. Crayons in any form seem to be walking down the craft runway. This bodes well for you kiddos who are Crayola’s biggest fans because you can use these projects as teachers’ gifts, home decor, or craft room art couture. I like how creative people are getting with colored wax, and with a young, creative mind at your fingertips, you and your resident munchkin should be able to come up with something innovative as well. For some inspiration take a look at these crayon candles. Got any other ideas?

Other Kids’ Crafts with Crayons:

Crayon Monogram
Crayon Wreath
Crayon Bowl

Crayon CakeEdible Crayon Art

Do not start feeding kids crayons, please. Rather, the crayon trend is so popular that it has made its way over to the foodie side of things, and creative minds are thinking up ways to incorporate the popular wax drawing devices into treats. I really enjoy the Melted Crayon Birthday Cake, which any kid would love to slice into on his big day. Other food wants a taste of color, too, as crayons are made out of pretzels and green beans. No, not really green beans. But that would be a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies, wouldn’t it? Now, there’s an idea…

Make Crayons with Crayons

Recycled Kaleidoscope Crayons

Making crayons with crayons is a ton easier than fighting fire with fire, and the kids will absolutely love their new, all-in-one-piece crayons. Again, this type of craft follows a similar technique no matter the desired shape, so check out these Lovely Recycled Crayon Hearts to get the process down. This recycled arts and crafts project never gets old because you and the kidlets can mold the crayons into thousands of different shapes. The little ones will adore coloring with dinosaurs and rainbow crayons.

Bonus: Make your own Homemade Crayon Rocks from scratch!

What is your favorite way to craft with crayons? Share your experiences and/or ideas.

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  1. Kathryn Hills says

    Making different shapes out of melted crayons is one of the easiest and fun crafts to do with kids!
    I have done this recently with my 4-year-old cousin and he loved it!
    He is hesitant to actually use the crayon because it looks so cool, but he’ll get past it I’m sure.

  2. Kim M says

    I’m always picking out the broken crayons, which doesn’t take long with a 4 year old. We melt them down into new shapes. Then I donate them to our day care.

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