What’s Your Mad Men Style? 8 Retro DIY Fashions

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The season 5 premiere of the show “Mad Men” is this Sunday and I’m ridiculously excited! It’s been over a year since last season’s cliff-hanger ending and I know the premiere is going to be packed full of drama.

But even if you don’t watch the show (which you should) or have just tuned in a few times, there’s still one big reason why you should be excited about the return of this 1960s-set show.
What’s that, you ask?

The fashion.

Every single episode of this drama is packed with so many amazing retro and vintage outfits, you’ll feel like you’re actually living in 1960s New York.  Now doesn’t that sound like fun?!

From Betty’s full skirts to Peggy’s bow-accented cardigans to Joan’s sexy, curve-hugging dresses, the costumes on this show are spot-on period perfect in every way. The fashions are so visually interesting that they’ve inspired a resurgence of retro fashion. Stores like Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers now have their own “Mad Men” inspired clothing collections.

But what if you want to add some retro-vintage “Mad Men” fashion to your closet without going broke?  Since we’re all crafty people here, might I suggest making your own vintage-inspired clothes?  Plenty of craft bloggers and regular Janes have already started making retro outfits for themselves and are showing them off (and sharing their tutorials and tips) online.

I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY vintage styles I could find, but you should also check out all of the “Mad Men” fashion ideas on Pinterest. There are so many fabulously chic retro outfits you can make!

Betty Draper Inspired Outfits:

This Festival Fancy Vintage Top crochet pattern is actually from 1956 and is totally something Betty would wear, especially with that belt!

This full, gathered skirt is perfect for Betty, who loves showing off her figure with flattering waistlines.

This knit pullover sweater is just the sort of thing we’d see Betty wear on the rare occasion when she’s not out socializing.

Peggy Olson Inspired Outfits:

With its high waistband and big bow, this fitted pencil skirt is without a doubt something Peggy would have in her closet.

This pleated skirt is another item that would be straight out of Peggy’s wardrobe. It’s so playful and innocent and fits her character to a tee.

Joan Holloway Inspired Outfits:

This gorgeous, figure-flattering sweater captures Joan’s fashion sense perfectly. When you wear this knit top, you’ll feel elegant and confident, just like Joan!

The feminine shape and bold color of this curve-hugging dress are so Joan! Nothing says the fabulous Ms. Holloway like a sexy silhouette!

More Mad Men Fashions:

This playful fitted cardigan is actually named after one of the “Mad Men” characters: little Sally Draper, Betty’s daughter.

After that little retro fashion show, now I’m even more excited for the season premiere (if that’s even possible)!  How excited are you?!?  Also, if you’re hosting a Mad Men party for the season premiere, be sure to check out these 60s inspired dishes that could have come right out of Betty’s kitchen!


What’s your retro style?  Are you a Betty, a Peggy or a Joan?


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  1. carmine killey says

    I like some of Betty’s styles and some of Peggy’s. I love the full skirts and was here in the 50’s I often wish people wore these clothing now instead of looking like they crawled through a rag bag.

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