Link Love: Recycled Newspaper Baskets and Other Newspaper Crafts

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Breaking news!  Newspaper can not only inform, it can transform!

Turn the comics into beads for jewelry, the sports section into faux flowers, and start some seedlings growing in the home and garden section.  After you catch up on world news, turn that newspaper into new home decorating ideas!

Let’s face it.  Crafts made from recycled items are often more colorful and fun than anything you can buy in the store…and newspaper is no exception.  Back in my scrapbooking days, I loved to preserve old newspaper clippings.  I’d hang on to articles I enjoyed, headlines I thought were cute, and pictures that made me laugh…but I had no idea that newspaper was so versatile!  Who would have thought that hanging on to old news could be so productive?  From coasters to decorative artwork, newspaper can do it all.

Some of my earliest memories are reading the comics with my dad on Sunday morning, so I absolutely love these Awesome Comic-Wrapped Decorative Balls.  I have a whole collection of Peanuts themed decorative balls on my coffee table.  You could also use other sections of the paper and make ornaments using this same method.

If you’re eager to get crafty with newspaper, we’ve gathered some great crafts from all over the Web to help you get started.  From simple decor to wearable art, newspaper can be recycled into just about anything!

  1. Beautiful Beads from Recycled Newspaper from A Storybook Life
  2. Newspaper Basket from How About Orange
  3. Fragile Paper Hearts from Vintage Fairy Tales
  4. Pretty Bird Wall Art from Blue Cricket Design
  5. Vintage Paper Flowers from Sew Inspired
  6. Newspaper Gift Wrap from Blue, Purple, and Scarlett
  7. Recycled Newspaper Pots from Cottage Hill
  8. Paper Pages Nail Design from More Design Please
  9. Recycled Newspaper Coasters from Saved By Love Creations
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  1. Mary Lou says

    how ’bout paper hats, printers hat maybe ? Anyone out there remember how to make ’em ?

  2. says

    I love the idea of using newspaper. I have used magazines before, but never thought of newspaper. Do you have a tutorial on how to make newspaper yarn?? I want to try the planter craft, but am not sure how to make the yarn.
    Thank you

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