LEGO Ideas: 8 Crafty Ways to Get Pumped for The LEGO Movie

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diy-lego-crafts-ideasAre your kids going crazy for the new LEGO movie? It’s easy to see why the latest computer-animated comedy has received so much attention. LEGOs have been popular toys for decades, and the franchise continues to churn out new LEGOs to inspire us year after year. Now that there’s a new movie about our all-time favorite toy, those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts are just too excited to share some crafty LEGO ideas!

I won’t spoil anything for you about the movie, but I will say this: The LEGO Movie is hilariously charming, and it’s fun for both children and adults (an absolute necessity in animated films). Plus, with big name actors (Will Ferrel as the LEGO villain and Morgan Freeman as the wise old LEGO wizard? We love it.) and LEGO-ified superheroes combined with a touching message, there’s just so much to love. And if you already love LEGOs, you simply can’t miss this movie!

Ready to fuel your love for LEGOs? It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie twice already or are counting down the days until you get to go, you’re going to go crazy for these awesome LEGO ideas.

#1: Prep Your Space

IKEA Hack Lego TableWhere do you usually play with LEGOs? If your LEGOs are spread out all over the house, it might be time to turn to these organizing ideas. After all, once you see the movie you’re going to be too excited to play with your LEGOs to bother cleaning them up! Update your LEGO table with these thrifty ideas:

#2: Color and Paint: LEGO Art Project Ideas

Lego Stamp ArtYou love building your own creations out of LEGOs, but if you’ve been building for hours you might need a break. If that’s the case, why not turn to some new art project ideas?



#3: Dress the Part

DIY Lego Costume

Show the world just how much you love LEGOs with this unique DIY Lego Costume!

…alright, so we might be taking one this a little too literally, but you can’t deny that wearing your own creative homemade costume is a blast. Plus, you’ll be the only person in the movie theater dressed like a LEGO block! Grab a group of friends, and make a DIY Lego Costume in every color for even more fun.

#4:Accessorize with DIY Jewelry

LEGO Friendship BraceletIf dressing like a LEGO block isn’t quite your style, you can still show your love for LEGOs with these DIY jewelry projects. Use these easy LEGO ideas as gifts for your friends and family, or make them for yourself to wear to go see the LEGO movie.

#5: Snack on Homemade Desserts

Easy LEGO CookiesThe best LEGO ideas are also the tastiest. Easy homemade desserts like these are perfect for party food, especially since even little ones can help out. These delicious treats are an absolute must-make if you’re planning to throw a LEGO party in honor of the new movie.

#6: Try Unexpected LEGO Ideas

LEGO BlockDid you know you can build LEGO creations out of yarn? It’s totally possible. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself! This crocheted LEGO block is easier to make than you might think, and the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve made a few of these cozy LEGO blocks, you can turn them into anything you want. Stitch them together to make a pillow, a blanket, or even an awesome LEGO drawstring bag!


#7: Deck Out Your House

LEGO Display FrameIs your LEGO obsession too big for one room? We understand. That’s why we gathered these DIY home decor projects for you!



 #8: Watch the Trailer!

Have you seen the LEGO Movie yet?

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