You Don’t Say! Interesting Survey Results from Our Readers

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At AllFreeSewing, we genuinely want to know how to best serve our readers. If you subscribe to our newsletter, Sewing It Up, you may have noticed an opportunity to participate in a survey. We really wanted to know what you liked, didn’t like, and wanted when it came to Sewing It Up. After all, we love making the content, and want you to love reading it!

Take a gander at some interesting responses that we received from you!

Sewing ClothesOur readers sew the most for…

Themselves! We were extremely interested to find that 69% of our readers sew for adults, and given the demographic information that we gathered alongside this, that means themselves! Most exciting. How will AllFreeSewing respond? With more adult patterns and tutorials, of course! It can feel silly to splurge at the store on yourself, but when you actually sew clothing for your closet you can spend some of your creative energy simultaneously.

The second largest age group that our readers sew for is 0-3 year-olds. Deep in our laboratory (at our desks), the editors hypothesized that readers are attracted to sewing for babies and toddlers because of the size of the project and often the skill level. Because of the size, these projects usually take much less time than an adult pattern and obviously they use less fabric.

Bags and PursesOur readers want more…

Bags & purses! Yes, when asked what they’d like to see more of, 49% of our readership responded with bags & purses, and we’re hardly surprised. Top ranking collections on AllFreeSewing include 12 Beautiful Tote Purse Patterns, 27 Patterns to Sew Purses + 6 New Coin Purses, and Sewing Bags: Tutorials You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns.

But, editors at AllFreeSewing, that can’t be all your readers want… you’re absolutely right. We learned that apart from the always popular bags & purses, our readers would really appreciate:


Patterns for men!          Plus-Sized Patterns!          Tips & Tricks!

 Sewing for Men            Quick Tips: How to Alter A Pattern for...          How to Sew: Sewing Techniques and Easy Projects to Sew for Beginners

Trust us, these patterns are on our radar. We’ve initiated some call-outs for all of these patterns, but we need your help! Menswear and plus-sized tutorials are scarce in the sewing community, so if you know of or have any of these get in touch with us! We’d love to work with you to let these kinds of ideas reach our readership.

Lastly, probably the most important question we asked our readers was if they’d prefer a lifetime supply of chocolate or fabric. 81.04% of readers said fabric, 2.90% of readers said chocolate, and 16.06% couldn’t decide.

Lifetime Suppy ResultsWhat a survey. What results! What shocking information! We appreciate all of our readers and want to extend a big thank you to those that participated in our survey. We still would like to know however,

if you didn’t answer the lifetime supply question…what would you choose? Chocolate or fabric?



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