How to: Valentine’s Day Gifts-the Love Box

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The longer I’ve been here the more creative I’ve become. The creative juices have just been flowing and I have become quite the crafty gal. With Valentine’s day coming up and more and more bills to pay it means I have to create something for Valentine’s day this year. Here is a great craft idea for you and your Valentine sweetie.

A love box- This is my favorite craft idea of all time. It actually came to me from my officiant, but I’m going to change it up a little bit so you can get crafty with it. This makes for a great Valentine gift that you can actually make with your significant other. There is great meaning behind it, which I will get to later. What you can use is:

  • A box with a lid- big enough to put a bottle and glasses in
  • Construction paper
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • String or tape

All you need to do is create the box in any fashion you wish. You can cut the construction paper to wrap around your box and then glue it on. You can decorate with all different embellishments including stickers and glitter. You can write your names on the outside of the box or write “I love you because…”

Once the box is complete you can then put in a bottle of wine, champagne or whatever the two of you like to drink and two wine glasses. You then need to go in your separate corners and write a note to each other. In this note, you need to write why you love each other, what makes you happy about that person and why you want to marry this person, or why you already married this person. Do NOT show each other the notes you wrote. Once they are done, you put them in the box with the bottle and glasses. You can then tie a string around this box or tape it shut and put it away in storage. You CANNOT read the notes you wrote for each other. What’s the point you ask?

The point is this: If there is ever a time in your relationship when it gets really tough and one of you thinks about giving up then you need to get this box out of storage. The two of you need to take the box out together and open it. You then open your bottle and pour it in the glasses while you read what each other wrote about the other person. In doing so, you will remember all the good times and why you love this person as well as why they love you. You will become a stronger person as an individual and as a couple. I just love this so much and it has so much meaning to it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a Valentine’s craft, but it can be for any day.

If there’s never a rough patch in your relationship then congratulations! Set a high goal for yourselves. If you reach 10 years of happiness then write another note to each other and add it to the box. Hopefully you won’t ever have to read them.

It puts a smile on my face and I’m sure it will for you as well. This Valentine’s day can be an extra special one.

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  1. kelly says

    I am now married 20yrs. We got married when I was just 16 beacause he joined the military and was going to leave. So we got married (after hearing every statistic that it would never work). That said, I am sitting here reading this and crying because I LOVE THIS! And I know I will NEVER get to read my note, so I’ll just have to guess what he writes.
    Thank You, for the wonderful feelings this truly represents!!

  2. Woob H. says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have 2 of my dearest friends getting married this year and could not think of something truly meaningful to get them. Well I am now going to my local craft store (yet another great excuse to go!)and buy them each a full set of supplies including some very special jammies and candles to go with. What a great “something different” that I’m sure will start a spark for the rest of our circle! Amazing

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