How to Throw a Bridal Shower

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You wedding day is one of the most important, the most exciting and the most exhilarating days of your life. You wedding day is a symbol of something great that is only going to grow throughout the years, but before you can get to this day you have to have a bridal shower.

In traditional days the bridal shower was just held for the bride and not the groom, but these days it’s becoming more and more popular for the groom to attend his own shower with his bride. With that said, let the fun times begin, first we need invitations. You as the bride, do you have your colors picked out? I would imagine so since the shower is held one to two months before your wedding. Make the invitations according to your wedding colors and flowers. My sister printed out our invitations, you can just make them on your computer. We had yellow daisies on it with yellow ribbon tied to the front. You just need to buy some cardstock and ribbon.

When you go to a bridal shower it’s always fun when you have a cute little favor to bring home with you. This is not necessary, but if you’re looking for something you can always put together a little bag of candy. Get those small mesh bags with the tie string closure, fill it with your favorite candy. If your wedding colors are blue you can get blue m & m’s, jelly beans, etc. OR just fill it with your favorite candy, it doesn’t even have to be your wedding colors.

Decorations can be fun at a bridal shower, although not necessary. You can find some cute balloons, some in the shape of a wedding dress and some can just say congrats or bridal shower. Streamers are always a nice touch too, you can then decorate the gift table with the streamers.

Although it’s not my favorite, you can plan to have games at a bridal shower. One I’ve seen quite a few times is bridal bingo. The board has all the gifts on it, so when the bride and groom open their gifts, you mark off that square if you have it on your board. You can easily just print the paper “boards” from your computer. Another cute game is a word search, again you can print this on your computer. Whoever finds all the bridal words the fastest wins.

How are you going to throw your bridal shower?

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