How to Refashion a Men’s Shirt

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If you surf the web looking for new and exciting craft ideas, you have likely come across a collection of tutorials on how to refashion a men’s shirt. Oversize men’s shirts especially provide a great deal of fabric for new projects. You can learn how to refashion a men’s shirt from your man’s closet or pick up some used shirts from your local thrifty store. To spark your creativity, here is a collection of ideas on how to refashion a men’s shirt.

Men's Shirt to Cute Dress by Stefi Luca

  1. Quilt- A men’s shirt quilt is my favorite idea for how to refashion a men’s shirt. This refashion project is perfect for a Father’s Day gift or a quilted decoration that your man will love too. You will need between 7-12 men’s shirts for this project, depending on the size of the shirts and the size of your desired quilt. If you don’t have that many in the home, pick up a few more at your local thrift store. Pick a collection of different check and stripe shirts for an interesting look. You can do simple squares for your quilt or more intricate quilt blocks.
  2. Collars and Capes- Turn a men’s dress shirt into a cute little collar or a warm cape for the cooler months.  The collar of a men’s shirt can become a really fun embellished necklace. You can also use the collar and/or cuffs of a men’s shirt to add contrast to a woman’s shirt.
  3. Ruffles- You can use a men’s shirt to add ruffles to a plain dress or a dress refashioned from another men’s shirt (see Dress below).
  4. Apron- An oversize men’s shirt can easily become an apron when the edges start to wear. Use another shirt to create an apron with contrast edging.
  5. Cuffs- If you have minimal sewing expertise, you can likely still make something with the cuffs off a men’s shirt. Turn them into fashionable cuff bracelets, coffee jackets
  6. Pajamas- Use the comfortable fabric of worn-in men’s shirts to create comfortable pajamas. Make a fitted camisole and shorts set or a sleep sack for a young girl.
  7. Fitted Shirt for Woman- You can find many free sewing tutorials to refashion a men’s shirt into a fitted shirt for a woman. You can make a ruffle tube top, a peasant blouse or a fitted short-sleeve shirt.
  8. Dress- An oversize men’s shirt can be refashioned into a cute dress with colorful binding. You can cut-off the sleeves and use for flower embellishments on your girly dress. A smaller men’s shirt can be refashioned into a toddler dress too.
  9. Skirt- Turn the button down front of a men’s shirt into a bubble skirt or a fashionable pencil skirt.
  10. Shorts and Pants- Make striped shorts for a 4T toddler with one XL men’s dress shirt. Elastic at the waist is an essential addition for kids’ clothing. For a little one, use the sleeves of a large shirt to create a pair of pants, with cuffs at the ankles!
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