6 Rainbow Loom Patterns You Can Make

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Have you heard about the Rainbow Loom craze? If you don’t know what they are, here’s a quick definition: Rainbow Loom crafts are bracelets or other cool accessories made out of tiny, colorful rubber bands that are usually found on the arms of kids and teens. If you do know about the Rainbow Loom frenzy, you’re probably totally addicted!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably looked at one of those incredibly colorful bracelets and thought with pure jealousy, “There’s no way I can do something like that!”  Don’t be intimidated; these 6 Rainbow Loom tutorials will teach you how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets!

These Rainbow Loom videos are easy to follow, so even if you’re just starting to make your own Rainbow Loom bracelets, you’ll be crafting with confidence in no time. These Rainbow Loom designs are great no matter how old you are, so even adults that have looked at these crafts with envy can give them a try. If you love these videos and want more rainbow loom fun, you can find more rainbow loom videos on AllFreeKidsCrafts.

Single Chain Rainbow Loom Tutorial

This Rainbow Loom video from Learning Express Toys is great for beginners!

Double  Rainbow Loom Tutorial

This Rainbow Loom video from AEA Tennish will teach you another standard Rainbow Loom design.

Fishtail Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Fishtail Rainbow Loom patterns are one of the hottest designs right now. Check out this video from from Learning Express Toys to make your own!

Beaded Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Have you ever seen a Rainbow Loom design with beads? This innovative pattern from Kate Mace is a must-make.

Honeycomb Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Impress your friends with this Rainbow Loom design from Learning Express Toys.

Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom Tutorial

This Rainbow Loom pattern from Ashley Steph is super cool!


Who knew there were Rainbow Loom designs for every season?

Which one of these rainbow loom patterns do you want to make?

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