How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Nautical Theme

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There’s a baby on board! Casting off into the mysterious sea of motherhood should be recognized with a whale of a baby shower. Prepare your friend or family member for a safe voyage with a nautical-themed baby shower.

Nautical fun like anchors and whales has been popular for the last few summers, so your party is sure to make waves among family and friends. Dive into the adorable menu and decorating possibilities with as we help you plan a sea-worthy baby shower, step by step!

Climb aboard the baby boat…

Use these ideas throughout your nautical baby shower theme.

  • Blue and white
  • Rope
  • Whales
  • Water
  • Anchors

1. Baby Shower Menu

First, you need a menu fit for a sailor and a new mommy. No worries, pregnant ladies are allowed to eat fish, as long as they don’t eat too much in one sitting. Make some delicious Coconut Shrimp as your entree, with Blueberry and Bree Crostini as a side dish. Top it off with these adorable Simple Seashell Cookies for a perfect nautical-themed baby shower menu.

Coconut Shrimp Simple Seashell Cookies
Coconut Shrimp
Blueberry and Brie Crostini






2. Baby Shower Decorations

Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to decorate! This theme includes so many cute details like whales, stripes, and anchors. Use Mermaid Shell Topped Bottles as a centerpiece. The possibilities for these Nautical Baby Shower Printables are as big as the ocean. Stick them on toothpicks in your coconut shrimp, and use them throughout your buffet. Next, make some Nautical Painted Napkins for your guests. Hang some No Fuss Nautical Buoys from the ceiling, and you’ll have a super sea-worthy party room.

No-Fuss-Nautical-BuoysMermaid Shell Topped Bottles
No Fuss Nautical Buoys
Nautical Painted Napkins
Nautical Baby Shower Printables








3. Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games ahoy, matey! These games are extremely easy and quick to make. All you need is your printer to make Personalized Bingo Cards and Baby on Board Price is Right. Your guests will love the cute nautical designs. End the day with a Dollar Store Sailboat Race, which begins with party guests designing their own little sailboats. Everyone will love these games, and the mom-to-be will adore having some fun with friends before her maiden voyage into motherhood with the new baby.

Dollar Store Sailboat RacePersonalized Bingo Cards
Baby on Board Price Is Right
Dollar Store Sailboat Race






Bonus: Baby Shower Favors Ahoy!

Make these cute crafts as baby shower favors.

What other nautical baby shower games would you play?

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