How to: Makeover a Onesie

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I was invited to a baby shower last weekend, and I had no idea what to get the mom-to-be. Since I write for a crafting blog (and I even have business cards to prove it!) I felt obligated to make something. Don’t get me wrong–no one expected me to whip up something fabulous and gravity defying, but as you crafty people can attest to, it just feels wrong to buy something that you could make. The baby¬† is going to be a boy (if doctors are to be believed), so that ruled out just about every sewing project I could think of. After consulting a few mothers, aunts, and other baby enthusiasts, I concluded that a new mom can never have enough onesies. Cue the light bulb over my head–I’d embellish a onesie for the little bundle of joy!

Here are some different ways of embellishing a onesie, and read on below to find out what I did!

So which one of these projects did I choose? Actually, none of them! When I saw this Tie Applique tutorial on Crap I’ve Made (which, by the way, is the best blog title ever, after FaveCrafts Blog), I knew I just had to make one. What’s more manly than a tie?

I started by downloading, printing, and cutting out the pattern she has on her site.

Then I traced the pattern onto a bit of stash fabric, cut that out, and pinned it to the front of the onesie. The tutorial suggests using fusible web like Wonder Under, but I literally made this the night before the shower, so I took some liberties.

I stitched around the perimeter of the tie pieces using a simple running stitch and some bright orange thread.

It was quick and easy, and I was done in about a half an hour!

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