How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Patterns

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St. Patrick’s day is a holiday we all like to celebrate on March 17 by wearing green, sporting our shamrocks and “Kiss me I’m Irish buttons.” It’s also our favorite time to drink the Irish drink of Guinness or even green beer. My favorite time in Chicago is when they dye the river green and have the fun parades. Leprechauns, shamrocks and rainbows are all the key symbols that help us celebrate this holiday. Help celebrate St. Patty’s day this year by crocheting a fun pattern, such as a crochet shamrock or a top hat.

A St. Patrick’s day granny square crochet pattern by Jackie Karp is one of my favorites. She uses a 4.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn in cream and green colors. I really like this pattern a lot as you can just use it for that, a decoration for you home. I’m Irish and I would love to have a pattern like this. You can find this crochet granny square pattern here.

At you can find a few different shamrock patterns including a coaster, a couple different fridgies and a hot pad. All of these are actually useful, but they can also be used for decor. Just crochet using these patterns and you’ll love the result.

Fridgies are really neat because they serve as two purposes. You can attach a magnet to the bag of them to create a simple magnet to hang on your fridge, hence, fridgie. OR you can attach a pin to the back and you can wear your shamrock around with you all day.

Because St. Patrick’s is in March it is still cold out and you know what that means? That means you can still wear scarves and cover yourselves with afghans. Crochet yourself a green-colored scarf or afghan. It would make a really neat scarf if you used two shades of green or even the yarn that changes colors on its own. You can then crochet a fridgie and sew it onto your scarf or afghan to really get the Irish look.

Learn how to crochet a top hat for this Patty’s day. You can find some really neat patterns here. Look like a leprechaun for the day. Dress up in a top hat, wear your green scarf, crochet a fridgie and wear it as a pin and you’re good to go.

Another fun St. Patrick’s day craft I like to do is the princess crowns. You take some of that wired garland, the flimsy kind with the shamrocks sticking out of them and cut it to the size that will easily wrap around your head. You then tie the two ends together to make a circle. Once this is done, you take light green and dark green ribbon (I usually use wrapping ribbon), you cut it to the length of your desire and then you tie it around the wire garland. This creates a whimsical Patty’s day crown. I then like to take scissors and curl the ribbon, kind of like you do when wrapping presents for a nice presentation. You then wear your Patty’s day crown proudly and let everyone know you’re Irish!

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