Cinema Saturdays: How to Make a Free Kids’ Go Green Scrapbook

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“Kids” and “free” don’t often appear in the same sentence, so when they do, you know you’re exploring further. Add “scrapbook” to that rare yet pleasurable sentence, and you’re getting suspicious and searching for the catch. There’s not one. Over at AllFreeKidsCrafts we have tons of free or extremely budget-friendly crafts, games, and activities for children to enjoy. We’re all about affordable when it comes to those adorable, loveable, money-sucking munchkins.

Scrapbooks are wonderful keepsakes that take photographs to the next level. They allow you to add your opinion to the memory, so you not only remember the event, but you also remember how it made you feel. This is a great activity for kids who eventually won’t remember much from when they were little. Adding words and drawings will help them and you remember much more about “that one time.”

Regular scrapbooks are expensive and difficult, but the Go Green Scrapbook is free and kid-friendly. This great book gives you the opportunity to save their artwork, thoughts, and photos all in one neat compilation. Your kids will have a great time seeing a grocery bag transform in their hands into an amazing memory book.

This great video tutorial is led by a young girl, which is great for other kids to see. It shows that it’s fun, doable, and that kids can craft!

See the video to below to confirm that, in fact, there is no catch.

How to Make a Go Green Scrapbook

What is your favorite way to keep memories?

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