How to Make DIY Clothes

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I love clothes, I love shopping and did I mention I love clothes. I look in my closet and there’s just nothing in there. We all say that, yet there are tons of clothes we can choose from. I try to find all the good deals and sales when I’m out shopping, especially in these tough economic times. I’ve been trying not to spend as much money as I would like, which is very hard. I can’t really tell you the last time I actually went shopping for clothes, really good clothes. If you’re like me and you like a good bargain then maybe you should invest in making your own clothes. DIY clothes can be very popular and you never know, you might come up with something brilliant that you never knew you had inside you.

Some DIY clothes you can discover:

Tie Dye– This may seem old fashion to most people and when I hear the words tie dye I usually think of the hippie days and Willie Nelson. If you have the right colors and use the proper techniques then you really can come up with something pretty neat. If you find a low-cost flowy white skirt from any knock-off store then buy it. This can be used for a nice summer skirt or even a bathing suit cover-up. I really like the color pink and I think that’s a fun summer color, so if you buy some hot pink dyes then you can go at it. Tie your skirt up using rubber bands and dip away creating a really neat tie dyed skirt.

There are a few tie dye techniques you can use:

Swirl Technique
Crumple Technique
Salt Resistant Technique
Splatter Tie Dye Technique

Sewing– I am no expert when it comes to sewing, but my mom is. I took a class once, but I probably wouldn’t be able  to make my own clothing just like that, but I know the rest of you can. Again, get the bargain deals. Go to a shop to find some fun patterns you would be interested in wearing. Of course you have to measure and cut for the proper outfits and materials. My mom has sewn some cute summer dresses for the kids. Sewn patterns can be time consuming so be sure you follow the directions accordingly. A really cute pattern for DIY clothes is:

Girls Twirl Dress

Patchwork– I remember when I was younger and I thought the really cool thing to wear around school were those patches. Kids these days still wear them. You can buy patches anywhere, especially your local crafting store. You can put them on bags, purses, jeans, jackets and any other clothes you want. Patches back in the day were used to cover up holes in your clothes, but nowadays it’s more of a fashion statement. These can easily be hand-sewn to any piece of clothing you desire.

DIY clothes can make you get really crafty. Again, if you’re on a budget but ready for a new wardrobe, you can take some of your old clothes and turn them into a new outfit. Take this outfit for example. You can use an old man’s sweatshirt and turn it into a fabulous woman’s tunic. See pattern here. Enjoy your new DIY clothing techniques!

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  1. Hillary says

    I really like this idea of tie-dye. When I first thought of tie-dye I thought of bright colors of yellow, red and blue all put together, but your idea of only using one specific color is very good. I love pink and having a pink tie-dyed skirt would be really fun. I would also try maybe only yellow or only blue.

  2. says

    I know how you feel–I just bought a car so I won’t be buying clothes for a loooong time! I went to the mall yesterday and found so many cute things, and I kept saying “I could MAKE that for cheaper!”

    I think another thing you could add to this list is embellishing with ruffles or fabric flowers. Ruffles are so trendy right now, and they’re one of the easiest things to make, even for new sewers. I’ve been meaning to try this one:


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