How to Make an Edible Thanksgiving Craft

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I can just smell the turkey roasting in the oven at my aunt’s house. The butter melting and turning the turkey crisp, the mashed potatoes heating up while all the kids are running around the house. I love this holiday as it’s the one time of year I can see my extended family. The house is warm with love and heat of course. My favorite part is when I’m sitting at the table knowing I’m so full beyond a doubt yet I still want a second helping and I know there’s four different kinds of pies waiting for me along with cookies, candies and other desserts. The whipped cream tops it all off and makes me smile, yep, I’ll go for another helping. The food is delicious and the people I’m surrounded by makes for a joyous time.

Every year at the dinner table we have our place settings with our names on it, but these are no ordinary place settings, they’re little turkeys. It’s not an edible Thanksgiving craft, but they’re adorable and so easy to make. All you need is: a couple different colored pieces of construction paper, scissors and glue along with some googly eyes.

To make these cute turkeys you take a thick piece of brown construction paper and wrap it so both ends meet and you glue them together to make a ring. You then cut out triangle-like pieces for the feathers. As for the body you can just cut an oval shape. You glue all the pieces together and finish by adding the googly eyes. You can then write your guest’s names on them if you wish. Every year we sit in different seats to visit with other family members. This year I would love to see an edible Thanksgiving craft.

Using lollipops, beads, scrapbook papers and a few other materials you can make a cute lollipop turkey. This is an edible Thanksgiving craft as long as you don’t let it sit out too long before replacing the lollipops. Nonetheless, it’s great for kids to help out with.

To create this edible Thanksgiving craft you need to:

  • Pin or tape tail feather patterns to foam sheet. Wax knife with old candle for easier, smoother cutting. Cut front and back tail feather sections from foam sheet. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure an adult is available to help in cutting the foam pieces.)
  • Cut slice from bottom of 5″ ball so it will stand. Slice 3/4″ from back of ball; this is where tail will attach.

Eventually you’ll need to Assemble the turkey with low temperature glue:

  • Glue two tail pieces together.
  • Glue body to front of tail.
  • Cut wings from corrugated paper; glue onto sides of body.
  • Cut out beak, roll into a cone, glue on head.
  • Cut out comb; glue over beak.
  • Glue on eyes.
  • Using metal skewer or tips of scissors, poke holes through the paper along top edges of tail pieces; make nine evenly spaced holes on large tail section and five holes in small section. Insert lollipops.

To get the rest of the directions click here.

If you’re looking for another kind of edible Thanksgiving craft be sure to check out there is a beautiful centerpiece made out of edible goodies. You can also make a fun turkey out of oreo cookies and candy that can be found at The kids would love to help make this one. Happy edible crafting!

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