Hot Glue Gun Tips

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Here we are with some great new tips from bloggers! This week’s topic: Glue! Everything you could possibly want to know about how to make your hot glue gun strings go away or how to clean up those sticky messes!

I know that when I make crafts with my little sister, she somehow manages to get glue all over the table. It doesn’t seem to matter if we put newspaper down, the table just gets messy. I used to try just soapy water and a wash rag, and when that didn’t work, I’d resort to harsher chemical cleaning projects. It became a huge problem and when my sister would come up with some crazy craft idea, I would groan a little inside because I knew the clean-up would be treacherous. But with these awesome clean-up ideas, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

When I start a new craft project, I’m not always thinking about safety right away, especially when it comes to hot glue. It’s like my fingers are magnetically attracted to the tip of a glue gun. I know it’s hot, but I just don’t think straight when my creative juices are flowing! Anyway, just follow these smart tips on being safe with hot glue, and avoid any future burns. I know my fingers will thank me for this.

So don’t fear the glue! Glue can be your friend and you don’t have to worry about getting burned by your hot glue gun anymore. Now you can dive into some great projects.

5 Projects to Make with Hot Glue

3-Sassy Feather Hair Accessories

Altered Art Mason Jars

Braided T-Shirt Bangles

Cute Bug Painted Pumpkin

Candy Corn Friends

Altered Art Mason Jar







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