Help a Reader: Lacy Blocks Crochet Pattern

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Can you help this reader find a crochet pattern? She writes:

I am looking for crochet patterns that “looks” like a bunch of granny squares put together when in reality it is done in one piece. “LACY BLOCKS” was the name of a pattern I had long ago and can not find. Any pattern done this way would be helpfull…kittens, leaves, dogs, etc. thank you sooo much for your help. Katie

If you have an idea, please leave it in the comments. Best answer will win a special craft surprise. (We ask the requester to pick if they can.)

If you have created a “lacy blocks” pattern, publish it at FaveCrafts! Send us the pattern and you will automatically win a craft prize.

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  1. Terri says

    Hi Katie,

    Are you talking about the one that you make the sides and the top but is an attach as you go? Has one side, two and three sided blocks?

    If that is the one, I do have it in I think 2 versions…One pastels,and one in pink, blue, and varigated…

    Email me at and I can email you what I have or send them in the mail…Which ever you like,
    I actually got the pink,blue and varigated as a give away at A.C. Moores or Walmart and the Pastel version is in one of my books…

    Just let me know and have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. June Bonfield says

    I have been hunting on the net for your pattern. I did find this info so far:

    “Lydia’s Lacy Blocks” pattern from the companion pattern book to the Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.
    I am thinking the pattern is in this book,,,??
    p.s. I am still hunting for it.

  3. pam says

    go to put in the word Crochet, maybe this will give you some websites, that dealing with crocheting.
    It can’t hurt to try it.

  4. Christine says

    Hi, My daughter made a white lacey crochet baby blanket and it was really lovely. It is a Bernat pattern. Also maybe you could try Lion Brand site and Drops Design. There are so many sites out there to go through you just may find it or one like it. Ravelry is another site. Hope this helps as well as all the other reply’s you have been given. Christine Australia

  5. Lee says

    I don’t if this is the pattern your reader is looking for. I have a book called Quick and Cozy Afghans. On page 6 is an afghan pattern called Lacy Blocks. Their description is as follows: Although this lacy throw looks like it’s fashioned in blocks and then joined, it’s actually worked all in one piece using single, double, and treble crochet stitches. Brushed acrylic yarn gives feathery softness to the delicate spiderweb pattern.

  6. Kay Joyal says

    I have a pic of a baby beanie cap and baby headband that I need a pattern for, how would I go about getting one.

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