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By: Mary Ellen Hofstetter for Noel Belles

Small wreaths, three to four inches in grapevine or faux evergreen make great ornaments. A six inch wreath can brighten up a small space at home or work.

You have the wreath – now what? You know you have a “stash” – we all do! This is your opportunity to use up leftovers or the items that just did not work the way you wanted in a particular project. Pull out your stash and look at what you have. Do not limit yourself. Your palette is not limited to red and green. Pair any rich color with gold or silver and you achieve a festive holiday vibe. Do you have pink or blue items left over from baby shower favors? Start thinking “Baby’s First Christmas.”

Do you work with wood? Small wood cutouts can hang from the top of the wreath into the center. A bright red heart with the year in white or a rectangle painted in any bright color with Noel or Joy added in a contrasting color. A tree shaped wood cutout can sit in the bottom of the wreath decorated with mini garland, beads and glitter.

Do you save buttons? Shank buttons with rounded tops or special themes give a different look to your wreath. I originally purchases buttons with a baking theme for holiday aprons. No aprons yet, but I love how these buttons look on a wreath.

Do you crochet? Do you have odds and ends of crochet threat left from projects? Create garland by working a simple chain and adding a picot every two to three stitches to look like popcorn. Add some red beads to slip next to the picot and you have a popcorn and cranberry garland. Make and stiffen small snowflakes. I scale is a problem use a smaller hook size.

Do you sew or quilt? Fabric can be a serious stash problem. Two years ago I discovered that I could bid on pre-cut four inch squares. Sitting at the computer with lots of enthusiasm you would be amazed at how many packages of these fabric squares that you can bid on and win. Amazed was not the word to describe my husband’s reaction to the avalanche of packages. I am currently working on cutting simple shapes; trees, hearts, gingerbread men, and stars from these squares. I am switching to pinking shears to cut down on the fraying and plan to hit my button stash and embroidery threads to add the details to these shapes. If you have felt on hand that is another material to use for this type of wreath.

Do you work with beads? Stringing them makes a great garland and wiring can produce a great starburst for the center of your wreath. I don’t do much with beads but I know that if you do, you can take this and run with it.

Bottom line, take what you know, use what you have and your creativity will take you far. Challenge yourself. If use feathers for my fascinators on Rocking Retro and That’s A Hat. My challenge to myself is to find a way to incorporate feathers into my wreath ornaments.

What will you use to design a unique ornament for this holiday season?


Check out Mary Ellen’s other designs at her Etsy store, Noel Belles!

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  1. barbarawatson says

    I need to start making something to sell or make for christmas presents cause I have been of work for about two months due to an injury.

  2. barbarawatson says

    I need to start making something to sell or make for christmas presents cause I have been of work for about two months due to an injury.Please help me.

  3. says

    After seeing this wreath I had to take a look at your shop. Your work is beautiful. I’ve made about 3 Xmas wreaths in my day but never thought of using utensils. I’ve used cigarette boxes as ornaments that were just cute wrapped in fabric.


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