Guest Post: How to Make Flowers out of Common Household Items

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This guest post was written by Anna Ketz

Nothing says, “I love you,” better than a flower, and a whole bouquet of blossoms can melt the coldest heart. It can be fun to surprise your significant other with a bouquet of flowers made from common household items such as napkins and ribbons. Although real flowers can outshine origami flowers with their delicious scent, origami flowers can be intricate and beautiful. They can cost a lot less than the real thing, and they will definitely last quite a while longer.

A special origami flowers delivery to the doorstep of your other half can put a creative twist on the common romantic flowers delivery routine. Here are a few craft flowers you can make out of common household items.

Napkin Flower
To make an intricate napkin rose complete with an intricate napkin stem and leaf, start by unfolding a regular napkin to its full size. Place two fingers against one side of the unfolded napkin and begin to roll it into a tube around your fingers. When the entire napkin is rolled loosely into a tube, remove your fingers and pinch off the tube about an inch or two from the top.

The top part of the tube will be the blossom. Twist downward about two inches from the section of the tube that you pinched off. This will be the stem. Make sure the napkin is tightly twisted into a stem-like configuration. Your creation should now look like half a dumb bell.

Now it’s time to make the leaf. Find a loose corner of napkin down at the bottom part of your creation, and pivot it backward along your stem until it is in just the right position to become a leaf. Pinch it off at just the right height for a leaf, and continue twisting your napkin stem into a tight roll until you reach the bottom of the napkin. Peel the leaf slightly apart from the stem until it looks right. You can repeat this with as many napkins as you wish to get an entire bouquet of napkin roses.

Ribbon Rose
Cut a long length of ribbon from the colored spool of your choice. At about the midpoint of your cut length, fold the ribbon over itself so that it makes a ninety degree angle. You should see about half your ribbon streaming down, the other half streaming out to the right, and a tiny triangle in the middle where it is folded over itself.

Fold the bottom length upward over the triangle, and then fold the side length backward over the triangle. Continue folding the legs over each other and over the triangle in the center until you run out of ribbon. Hold the two crossed ends and let the rest of the folds go. Your ribbon should look like a colored accordion.

To finish off your ribbon rose, hold the creation between two fingers with the two crossed ends sticking out below and the accordion part coming out the other side. Grab one of the ends and pull it down firmly. The accordion will be pulled inward and will spiral into a beautiful rose-like creation.

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  1. says

    Real flowers are beautiful but if you want to have some fun with the kids, the ribbon rose is excellent. I remembered doing this as a kid and they looked great and I was so proud of myself too. I even tried it with paper trying to be careful not to rip it. I look forward to trying the Napkin on though.

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