From Timeless Trouble to Sweet Simplicity

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This post was written by Vicki Plunkett for Gratefullyinhisgrace

Autumn is now officially upon us, ushering in overloaded months full of craziness that fill our calendars, overwhelm our schedules, and sets our crochet hooks in full swing! As crocheters, we have a great opportunity, more so than at any other time of the year, to shine, as we create seasonal wear for loved ones, trinkets for Christmas Bazaars and craft shows, and unique, one of a kind items for holiday gifts. Follow all the beautiful crochet instructions to come up with a brilliant project.

When I think of crochet and cold weather simultaneously, images quite naturally come to my mind of free crochet hats, free crochet scarves, and mittens: thick, white, chunky mittens that envelope hands from the frosty air in cushy, never-ending softness and warmth; long, intricately designed scarves as unique as each snowflake that falls; and hats, hats, and more hats! There are all kinds of hats: slouchy hats, skull caps, beanies, brimmed hats, and ski caps. The list could go on and on! From single colored hats made with one simple stitch, to intricately designed patterned hats utilizing a combination of various stitches, techniques, and yarn colors. The possibilities are virtually endless to what one can create. But where, exactly, does one begin to create?

For the crocheter who is just starting out, it all can seem a bit overwhelming. Stitches and techniques can take time to understand and master, and courses and how-to book can be costly and time consuming. Yet, the desire to create something functional as well as pleasing to the eye remains.

Crocheting simple, well fitting hats is one such project many beginner crocheters may get quickly discouraged with. When working in the round, it quickly gets complicated, and the big question is usually this: Each successive row needs how many more stitches, for how many rows? Using what size hook and what weight yarn? But what happens when the yarn weight or type is switched, tension and gauge is tight, or an extra stitch is added or missed by mistake? T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

I have found that even the slightest variation in each yarn’s thickness and integrity, coupled with an individual’s stitching style can seem to make a not so slight variation in the overall finished product. Furthermore, even when a pattern is followed properly when working in the round, when it is finished, its fit may still be less than perfect due to all these factors, as well as the fact that every head is unique. This, for the beginner, can be downright discouraging.

The answer to this dilemma is crocheting a flat piece of fabric, sewing the two sides together, gathering it at the top, and adding a pompom to the finished product! This is a very versatile, easy way to create individually sized hats, easily allowing room for alterations as needed to be made in both the height and width – even for the beginner!

The pattern for this 6-12 month Striped Baby Hat uses the ease and eye appeal of an ombre chunky yarn and a size K crochet hook, along with the simplicity of a simple variation of both the slip stitch and single crochet to create a beautiful piece you can be proud of!

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