Flower Power: 25 Flower Crafts

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I think it’s safe to say that flower crafts are the most popular way to decorate for spring. And while the ground may still be covered with snow, you can create your own flowers with the help of a few of these stunning tutorials. From paper flowers to fabric flowers, there are so many options. You could go small, like this Rustic Paper Flower Ornament, or big like this Breathtaking Poinsettia Wreath. Not only are these crafts beautiful, but the best part about creating them with fabric or paper is that they’re guaranteed to stay fresh all year round. It’s your turn to become Mother Nature and make your own beautiful blossoms.
flower-craftsWho knew that with just a single piece of paper you could create something so exquisite? These paper flowers are the perfect way to get ready for spring!


Simple Paper Flower Ornaments
Recycled Book Rosette Wreath
Handmade Crepe Paper Rose Centerpieces
Sheet Music Magnolia Ornament





Impressive Tissue Paper Flowers
Perfect Punch Paper Flower Pin
Blushing Folded Paper Rose
Flower Bustle Ornament



If you’re not a paper crafting fan, then check out these beautiful fabric flowers! They’re the perfect addition to any wreath!

Festive Sweater Rose Wreath

DIY Flower Pillow
Flower Brooch
Vintage Handmade Flower
Fabric and Felt Wreath
Fabric Rosette Hair Accessories




Cheerful Fabric Flowers
Spring Roses Wreath
Felt So Good Daisies
Holiday Felt Flower Wreath
Elegant Fabric Flower Wreath
White Winter Flowers



Get ready for spring  with a few more flower crafts! cherry-blossom

Adorable Button Flowers
Cherry Blossom Chandelier
Chenille Button Flower Ornaments
Toilet Roll Flower Ornament
Crochet Violets Pin




How do you make craft flowers?


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  1. Sarah Soenke says

    These are lovely ways to bring nature’s beauty into your home without the upkeep of tending living plants! It’s an important bonus that many of these ideas can involve repurposing and recycling leftover scraps of paper, fabric, and other materials you might otherwise throw away. I especially loved the Fabric Rosette Hair Accessories and Flower Brooch ideas. Bring Mother Nature’s beauty into your home and your clothing style!

  2. Mary Jane Waggoner says

    I have made several wreaths out of coffee filters, what a beautiful arrangements these simple papers make.

  3. Angeline M says

    The cherry blossom chandelier would make a beautiful wedding decoration to hang, especially in a rustic/vintage style wedding.

    If the chandelier were made on a smaller scale with the same technique, it could also make a great baby mobile, as well. Perhaps you could hang make the chenille button flowers to hang them instead of the cherry blossoms for a more childlike touch.

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