Want an Everything Mary Complete Sewing Storage Collection? Win One!

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You’re getting picked up in an hour for a weekend with your significantly older cousins, and while you’re excited for the reunion, you know there will be a lot of downtime at night (everyone retires early on the farm). What do you bring to do? Your latest finds from the library aren’t terribly captivating, nor is solitaire after fifteen rounds. Your eyes alight on your sewing machine. A later model, it isn’t too heavy or very loud, but how will you transport it?

Everything Mary Complete Sewing Storage CollectionOK, so maybe this isn’t your exact scenario, but if you sew you’ve most likely had some need for machine transport. In such cases where protective gear for your favorite machine is necessary, the editors at AllFreeSewing happily recommend products from Everything Mary. Integrating contemporary style into craft storage containers, these products offer the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

For sewing enthusiasts like ourselves, Everything Mary imagines every accessory for your machine possible. From the basic necessities like the Sewing Machine Cover and Square Sewing Box, to more innovative products like the Rolling Sewing Tote, this merchandise is on every sewist’s wish list.

Obviously you want these accessories, but beyond merely looking fabulous Everything Mary’s products are practical for the typical sewist’s lifestyle. You don’t have to be in the scenario above to understand the value of a good sewing machine cover. With the dual capability of keeping dust out of your machine and storing notions in its pockets, this machine cover is, in a word, ideal. If you’re in need of some overall sewing room organization, a sewing box like the one from Everything Mary can handle even your fabric stash. Keep the clutter neatly contained with this box, which includes a space for your spare pins and needles underneath the lid. Are you the traveling type? The Everything Mary Rolling Sewing Tote keeps the standard model securely in place, allowing for easy transportation of more than just your sewing machine. Take your entire project along to a weekend away, a trade show, or even when transferring sewing rooms in the house.

Everything Mary


Everything Mary Complete Sewing Storage CollectionEverything Mary satisfies a basic sewist’s needs with their innovative and stylish products, and AllFreeSewing is thrilled to announce an opportunity for you to win all three of the aforementioned goodies this month! Until April 24th, you can enter the Everything Mary Complete Sewing Storage Collection giveaway once a day, every day. Normally not sold together, one lucky person will win the Everything Mary Sewing Machine Cover, Square Sewing Box, and Rolling Sewing Tote for free!

How do you transport your sewing machine?


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  1. barbara macaskill says

    Sadly, I just carry it in a ox when I need to take it somewhere. This storage collection would definitely change that mode of transport! Would love to win it! Thanks for the chance to!

  2. connie from St. Louis says

    What a wonderful way to carry all the supplies needed for a class or retreat. Thanks for a chance to win the beautiful set.

  3. Donna Mansker says

    My Janome has a nice carrying case with a handle, but I could surely use these accessories!

  4. dawn matthews says

    Would make it easy to store and carry all my stock and machine and keep everything in one place would love to win so a beautiful set please

  5. robin says

    I am embarssed to say that i have to just pick it up and go, no case or cover for it. Yet! will make one soon

  6. Janet rice says

    What a great collection of bags to carry all sewing supplies for a sew day or retreat.

  7. Theresa L says

    Wow, What a wonderful idea. That’s the best sewing box I’ve ever seen. Much nicer than juggling my machine, and projects from room to room

  8. Paula Mayo says

    My sewing machine has a clunky cover that slips over the handle. ( open on bottom) Everything else I need is in a box that I lug around from place to place.

  9. Christy Beard says

    I sewed my own covers, so the handle goes through the top and I just pick it up that way in its cover.

  10. Jeanetta says

    So far, I pick it up and carry it and carry supplies in a tote bag. I just got a machine for Christmas and need to take some classes 🙂

  11. tiffani says

    Well, I only recently acquired a sewing machine so my son wouldn’t have to borrow one when he took the kids sewing classes at our local Jo Ann’s Fabric store. I don’t know how to sew but he wanted to learn. Maybe that’s how it starts for many male designers!

  12. Debra Esper says

    I just carry it by the handle on it. It’s so heavy though that a rolling tote would be the best. I’d love to win this set.

  13. sheri says

    This would come in handy for my daughter. We live in Michigan and she goes to college in Rhode Island. Would be nice for her to safely put away and transport her craft items.

  14. Deborah says

    What a nice set. For now I just have hubby carry my machine to the car for me, since I can’t lift it. Would love to take some classes, but always have to beg him to move it…..so none for now:(

  15. Robin Johnson says

    I wrap the cords around the foot pedal, pick it up and go. No cover or anything. This would be a great prize.

  16. Cimber J. says

    I finally upgraded my machine so I thought a cover/case was in order. I purchased a hard cover universal sewing machine case. It is not what I was expecting, I have to tuck things along side the machine to keep it from banging around too much, and it is just too big and bulky. I would love a better case, it would make it easier to get all my stuff to the quilting classes I have been taking.

  17. Jennifer Benavidez says

    If I need to transport my sewing machine, I put it back in its original box. It is a pain and the box doesn’t have handles, which makes it difficult to hang on to. This prize would definitely be awesome to win! No more box!! 🙂

  18. victoria gosbee says

    I carry my machine naked, poor thing! I have a sewing machine cover but it is not sturdy enough to carry the whole deal with.

  19. Cindy Harrison says

    Nothing ever fits back into the original box very well does it ? I would love to use this Everything Mary Rolling Sewing Tote to keep my machine and supplies organized. The style is beautiful. Thanks for a great contest prize offering.

  20. sheryl says

    I use a rolling bag to transport my machine, but have a mishmash of plastic bags to carry my other materials. I would love a matched set!

  21. Carol Bevan says

    I have a cover for home but would love this set as I am going to be taking some classes where these cases would come in really handy to transport all my supplies. Love the design on them and would love to win them.

  22. Patty Humphreys says

    Very nice. Would love to have. I have a hard cover for
    my machine that I carry. It’s Very hard and bulky to carry. Than I have some other small bags that I carry for supplies and machine accessories. ..which means another trip to the vehicle.

  23. Torey says

    I have a brand new sewing machine, but I have no way to carry it. I want so badly to take it to the lake this Summer, but I do not have a way to keep it protected to travel with it or to store.

  24. Lizzie Stocks says

    This would be so neat as my sewing machine and everything pertaining to sewing is just in a room catching dust and this would prevent all of it from catching the dust in our house..Would be awsome if i could win this….

  25. Rose M says

    I’d like to go to one of your Craft & Hobby Shows. I like all kind of crafts with this giveaway I’d be able to learn a few more crafts . I’d like to learn knitting baby things.

  26. Lisa-Marie says

    I’ve hacked carry handles (reinforced with Sellotape) into the box it came in!

  27. Katy Miller says

    I use cardboard boxes or plastic baskets but they are always falling apart! I would love to win!

  28. Cris Hays says

    I don’t have a sewing machine cover on my machine or on my embroidery machine. They sit on my craft table, but would be great to be able to cover one or both!

  29. says

    What a beautiful set! What a way to organize yourself. Good luck to everyone. ( I carry mine in a box right now. ) I would love to go in class with this set.

  30. says

    I went into Everything Mary, scroll down, there is a photo of the rolling carrying case opened, WOW! It is AMAZING! It has a space for everything! I posted it on face book I was impressed with the quality of this set! Thank You for offering it to us!

  31. says

    I’m just beginning to be creative with my grandmother’s old sewing machine. She was a sewing instructor for Singer 40 years ago and was so talented and creative with this machine. Not sure where to begun but maybe with new accessories I can carry on her talent!

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