Egg-celent Ideas for your Eggs this Easter

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Please egg-cuse my awful puns, but I couldn’t resist. They just come rolling out of me this time of year.

If you’re like me, coloring eggs is your favorite part of Easter. I remember when I was little I would force both of my parents to spend time with me in the kitchen while I drew on eggs with that weird white crayon and then colored them in the corresponding colored cups. Occasionally, I would would watch as my mom shrink wrapped those clear plastic designs around the eggs, less intrigued with the design and more intrigued with the fact that plastic shrinks in heat (still intrigued I should say).

My dad, old fashioned as he was, would always color eggs in onion skins and they would come out to be a rich brown color. At the time, I always thought that mine looked prettier. Now that I’ve grown up, a bit, I miss those dark brown eggs every Easter, but at the same time I want something Spring-y and colorful.

Leave it up to FaveCrafts to figure out the answer for me.

In the new Easter Eggs: Easter Egg Designs, Tips for Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs, Egg Recipes there are several adorable ideas for coloring eggs, including a couple ideas for dying eggs naturally. I was super excited when I found it.

This year, instead of having the same old brown eggs, I can add beautiful, delicate flower details to them. I love how these eggs turned out in the picture. Who knew you could pull off such professional looking eggs with onion skins and flowers? Mine, of course, will probably not turn out to be as well done, but I’m sure they will be pretty anyway.

Well, if they come out looking horribly, I can still make pretty solid colored eggs using blueberries and beets from the tutorial on How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs. I ask myself, why have I never thought of this before? I guess when you learn something at a young age one way, thinking outside of the box becomes nearly impossible. Anyway, I’m really happy I found these projects because I can dye my Easter eggs the old fashioned way my dad used to and still get all the fun colors I love.

Oh, another wonderful point about the free Easter Eggs ebook: included are recipes for delicious meals to make with your hard boiled eggs after Easter is over. No need to let all your hard work go to waste. Thanks RecipeLion!

How do you normally color your eggs?

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