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We’ve all been there. At first it’s just a little speck out of the corner of your eye. But upon closer inspection, you see it clear as day. Your heart starts racing and you start to wonder, “How did this happen?” It’s too late – you’ve found a scratch.

Everyone is connected these days, and it seems we can’t go more than a few seconds without our beloved devices. These items are expensive and precious, so it’s important to take good care of them. Before you head outside, create your own tech case and save yourself the stress. Use durable materials like felt, yarn and fabric to create a chicĀ  sleeve for your most precious items.

There isn’t a right or wrong way when it comes to creating your own case for a computer, tablet or phone. You can even add cute elements that really speak to your personal style. Not sure how to express yourself? Show your love for technology with a Heart iPad Case or display your playful side with a Crochet Skull Tablet Case. If you’re a fan of a needle and thread, sew a Padded Laptop Tote. This is a great option for travelers!

Don’t forget – handmade tech cases make great gifts during the holiday season! Start making one now and save it for your next gift exchange.



  1. Cell Phone Cozy Tutorial from All About Ami
  2. Phone Case Knitting Pattern from Forty Percent Fringe
  3. No Sew DIY Felt iPad Sleeve from Creative Dish
  4. Custom Laptop Sleeve from The Gilded Hare
  5. Easy Peasy iPad Case from Oh No Rachio
  6. Felt iPhone Case from Sew Knit Click
  7. Free People Inspired Phone Case from Minted Strawberry
  8. Bohemian Style iPhone Case from By Wilma
  9. Envelope Cellphone Case from Swell Mayde

What piece of technology can you not live without?

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