Recipe For Success: DIY Ideas for Back to School

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Though it hardly seems possibly, the summer is already swiftly coming to a close. Soon the kids will be out of the house and back in the classroom. Of course they’ll need a few things before they return to school and to their studies. From backpacks to after school snacks, these back to school crafts will help you send your child back to the playground with the coolest, craftiest accessories.

Backpack Patterns

The most essential back to school item your child will need is a backpack. Instead of buying a pricey backpack from a big box store, why not make a backpack for your little scholar? CraftFoxes offers up 10 easy and unique backpack patterns that you can make on your own. There is a drawstring backpack if you’re looking for something on the easy side, a backpack made from an old Oxford shirt, and even a backpack created from an old, beloved stuffed animal. These ideas are all simple and easy to make, but are sure to be a unique accessory for your son or daughter to tote around the schoolyard.

Make sure to check out this owl backpack pattern, which is for sale at the CraftFoxes website through The Sewing Loft. This backpack is the perfect little bag for your child to carry supplies to a kindergarten class, or even to their grandma’s house.

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards

Chalkboards are something that every student will encounter when they go back to school, but they won’t always be able to eat them! These chocolate chalkboards would be a great treat to send your child back to school with. They can pass them out to their friends, or to the whole class. Simply melt some chocolate CandiQuik, smooth it out on a sheet of parchment paper, and let it set. Once it’s ready, cut the chocolate into rectangles and spread some powdered sugar on the chocolate to give it that chalky look. For the borders, simply use some thin breadsticks or even graham crackers.

Crafts for Teens

Looking for some fun back to school crafts for teenagers? We love this glammed-up calculator by Avalon Potter for I Love to Create. She used a glue runner and tiny crystals to create her design. Isn’t math class more fun with a custom calculator? Pencils wrapped in washi tape, DIY iPhone covers, homemade pencil pouches and custom book covers (think old maps or favorite album covers) also make great back to school crafts for teens.

Chocolate Coconut Granola Bars

Once your kids are back in the groove of their school days, they’re going to need something tasty to snack on during lunch or when they get home. Homemade granola bars are infinitely customizable, so you can add anything you’d like to this recipe. But this recipe in particular mentions mixing chocolate with almonds and coconut for a tasty combination. Simply mix up all the ingredients, spread the mixture over a sheet pan covered in wax paper, and then refrigerate for one hour before cutting it into easy to eat bars. Store in the refrigerator until your kids are ready to snack!

What are your favorite back to school crafts for kids and teens?

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