DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations

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18 Graduation Gifts for HerFinding unique and thoughtful graduation gifts can be a difficult venture. It seems like just about everybody comes up with the same half a dozen ideas every year. If you want to give something extra special and practical, check out these DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations. For students just graduating high school, there is one thing and one thing only on their minds: heading off to college. Luckily for you, these fabulous gifts combine both of those important life events. Skip the funny cards with money in them, framed photos, or books giving sage advice and give your graduate something they will actually use in their dorm or classes.

My absolute favorite graduation gift I ever received was the quilt my grandmother handmade for me. It was so nice to be able to have a little bit of home and my family when I moved hours and hours away from my family. Plus, handcrafted dorm room decorations pretty much ensure that your graduate will have a unique and sassy dorm room. While everyone else is unpacking the same Bed, Bath & Beyond home décor, your grad will be singing your praises as they unpack their unique and lovely DIY graduation gifts.

DIY Dorm Room Decorations

All of these DIY dorm room decorations make awesome and unique graduation gift ideas. Any new grad would absolutely adore opening up one of these. Decorating your move away from home can be a big deal. It lets a student start crafting their new college identity as well as bringing a little bit of home with them. From convenient DIY organizers to adorable bath towels, these DIY dorm room decorations are sure to be a hit.

Vintage Button Kitchen CurtainsClassic Class Gift Quilt
Hanging Jewelry Holder
Denim Organizer
Darling DIY Duvet Cover
Vintage Button Kitchen Curtains
Lickety Split Laundry Bag
DIY T-Shirt Reconstruction Pillowcases
Owl Dry DIY Bath Towels
Fabric Storage Boxes

Other DIY Graduation Gifts

If you would prefer to give an accessory instead of decorations, these DIY projects are exactly what you are looking for. From a brand new wallet to a chic messenger bag, these DIY graduation gifts would delight just about any grad.

Big Books Library BagZippered Laptop Sleeve
Stylishly Sturdy DIY Laptop Case
DIY Wallet
Magical Messenger Bag Pattern
Totes Big and Small
Big Books Library Bag





If you love these DIY graduation gifts, check out these 18 Graduation Gifts for Her and these DIY home décor ideas.

What is one thing you wish you had in your dorm room?


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  1. Emily Ball says

    When I graduated high school, my aunt made me a simple charming cloth bag that I still use years later today. While the cards and money I received are long gone, every time I use the bag it reminded me of how thoughtful she was. She monogrammed the bag too, and it reminded me of this post I just read earlier! They definitely should add graduation gifts to this list!

  2. Chris says

    My kids always said more storage ideas and lots of socks, hats and gloves. They kept losing them. Oh yes laundry soap.

  3. Sarah says

    Storage is always a problem at university/college, especially when you consider the person is moving from a family home to a single room, sometimes only half of that room! Something I found invaluable were those over-the-back-of-the-door hanging racks for shoes, scarves, bags and coats. The back of the door is a wasted space and this type of hanger freed up loads of wardrobe space. It might not sound especially exciting, but it really helped. You could always personalise it with buttons, beads, embroidery. (Thanks Auntie Josie).

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