How to Decorate Glass Bottles With Fiskars Border Punches

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 This tutorial is brought to you by Jade Harrington aka Jaderbomb.

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Howdy Jaderbugs! I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today. I will be showing you some of Fiskars’ amazing boarder punches which I already know will make you go “Ohhhh and Ahhh” over.

Let’s get started. The things you will need are:

1. Glass Bottles
2. Tape
3. Scrapbook paper
4. Fiskar’s Border Punches

I will be using the Lacy Doubles Interchangeable Border Punch Cartridge for this tutorial.

“Fiskars- Use this Interchangeable Border Punch Cartridge with our Interchangeable Border Punch Starter Set base (sold separately) to add a variety of decorative borders to paper craft projects. Simply snap the cartridge into the starter set base, punch your craft material and switch cartridges to add a new design to another edge or your next big project. The interchangeable cartridges stack conveniently to save space in your craft room and make taking them to crops easier than ever. Must be used with our Interchangeable Border Punch Starter Set base.”

When you are ready to start using your punch you will notice there is a picture of the design on the front of the cartridge. Look at my arrows because this is where you want to start your paper. It’s pretty easy once you do it one or two times. Make sure when press down that you do it one good time to ensure the blades go completely through the paper.

Look how gorgeous. I decided to do both sides to make it look really fancy. By the way, I just used different size strips of paper that I had for this project.

This is how it will look when you complete both sides. I love the accuracy of this product.

I simply wrapped my strips of laced paper around my bottles and secured them in the back with a piece of tape.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I know once you do one you will have a HUGE collection of interchangeable punches in your craft space. Be creative because you can do so much with these punches. Bye!

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  1. Pamela Enriquez says

    Julia, the final product looks great! This fall my sister is getting married and I am one of the maids-of-honor. This project inspired me to make personal wine bottles for each of the bridesmaids. I always had to the idea to do it but never knew how to create the label without going through a company (which gets expensive!). Using the different punches I can make each bridesmaids’ bottle unique and personal. Who wouldn’t love a personal wine bottle for yourself!

  2. Karen Funk says

    What a lovely project. I helped my daughter make 3-layer paper ribbons for antique blue quart and pint Ball jars. Then we embellished the joining with paper and other style flowers. They turned out just great. thanks for the inspiration.

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