Cricut Creations: Charming Straws

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I made another project with the Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition, which we’re giving away! First I made these “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards, and this time I made decorative straws to use at my wedding reception. Boy, am I jealous of whomever wins this machine!

I found this project on The Knotty Bride while perusing the wedding blogosphere one day and I thought “this would be perfect for the Cricut!”

The original project uses felt and a glue gun, and the hearts are actually stitched together too. Since I wanted to make a ton of these straws (the box I bought came with 144!) this didn’t seem like a viable goal. Instead, I used some yellow paper and glue dots.

You’ll notice that I kept this project within the color scheme that I introduced with my bridesmaid cards. Yellow might be a strange color for a heart, but I love how they look! Here’s how I made them:



  1. First I used the Cricut machine to cut out all of the hearts. Since I had 144 straws, I needed to cut 288 hearts (2 per straw). I started by cutting the hearts from the Just a Note cartridge, with comes with the anniversary edition machine. Then I plugged in my own cartridge, George and Basic Shapes, and cut the rest of the hearts from that cartridge. I liked the heart shape in that cartridge a little better for this project because the hearts were wider and curvier. The anniversary edition machine is compatible with all other cartridges, which was very convenient for me!

    This is the heart shape from the Just a Note cartridge

    I used the Auto Fill feature to cut as many per page as would fit, until I had enough hearts.

  2. After all of my hearts were cut, I began attaching them to the straws. I put 3 glue dots on a heart (one on each side and one on the bottom) and attached that heart to a straw. Then I grabbed a second heart and pressed it to the glue dots on the first heart. Basically, you can just attach the hearts to each other and to the straw however you’d like. This is truly the opposite of rocket science.
  3. When you’re done, display them in decorative glasses on the bar and your wedding guests can grab one to use with their cocktails!

Would you use one of these straws at a wedding? Does this seem like a cute project or an unnecessary detail?

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  1. Irene Aiello says

    What a great idea…I have to make this for my son class…I love them…Thanks for sharing…:)


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