Crafty Things to Make with Jeans: Happy Birthday Levi Strauss!

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Confession Time. I have a serious problem when it comes to finding a good pair of jeans. They have to fit just right. They must have enough stretch to be comfortable, hit right at the ankle, not spare too much fabric around the thigh area, etc… As you can see, I take my jean hunting very seriously.

While searching for the right pair, I tend to buy some that seem great at first but don’t live up my standards after one or two wears. Then I’m left with a closet full of imperfect jeans. Luckily, I discovered some great ideas for what to make with old jeans. Jean refashioning projects are awesome because they allow you to use the denim you no longer wear to create something new and useful.

When you’re ready to take on some old jean craft projects, check out these simple ideas:

Jean Pocket Pot Holder
Bring some of that denim flair with you into the kitchen. Making potholders is simple, especially when you already have the material you need on hand.

How to Make Jean Purses
These cute little bags have been popular ever since we added them to the site. They’re quick and easy to make and require only small amounts of denim. Use your creativity to embellish to your liking.

Recycled Denim Oven Mitt

Create an oven mitt that’s useful and durable. A denim oven mitt it much more fun than a regular cotton fabric one. Grab your old jeans and make this thrifty project.

Upcycling Blue Jeans Into a Skirt

Here’s the project to turn to when you still want to wear your jeans – just not as pants. This cute denim skirt takes a pair of jeans and transforms them into a modest skirt. Add a bit of colorful fabric to make it your own.

Right now seems like the perfect time to explore the world of jean refashioning projects. It’s Levi Strauss’ birthday and we all owe this man quite a large thank you for creating comfortable pants that are acceptable for everyday attire. Not to mention, Levi’s have become a fashion staple in the closets of men and women everywhere.

To celebrate all things jean, we’ve rounded up an entire collection of jean refashioning projects. Rid your closet of all those ill-fitting jeans and turn them into something new! Check out the 11 Ideas for What to Make With Old Jeans collection.

Have you ever turned your old jeans into something new? Share with us below!




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  1. Dee Baranowski says

    I have made a couple of jeans purses, but I shop Goodwill for children’s jeans because they’re smaller. They make jeans bags that are just a bit more convenient if you’re someone who doesn’t want too large a bag. I have photos, but I have no idea how to get them posted to you.

  2. Danielle Zimmerman says

    I’ve never thought of making oven mitts or pot holders out of jeans! I’ll have to try that the next time I rip an irreparable hole in one of my pairs!

    I’m not exactly sure how it’s done, but I’ve also seen back pockets made into refrigerator magnets that hold pens and such. I believe you cut out the pocket itself, sew it to a stronger backing, and then put a magnet on back. I’ve always wanted try that because I like having pens handy around the kitchen.

  3. Pdudley says

    I love to recycle jeans, I make hats, purses and especially Jackets and coats. I incorporate a person’s hobby or sports or college football team etc. into monograms to apply and the results have been fabulous. I also love making what I call harvest aprons out of old jeans and overalls.
    Here is a link to some of my work…you will need to scroll down to see the pictures since FB has changed their page format ( I hate the new version) Thanks. Please LIKE my page while you are there.

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