17 Crafty Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe

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Craft-Storage-SolutionsI LOVE craft supplies.  I may go so far as to say I’m a bit of  a hoarder when it comes to embellishments, stickers, stamps, paper, yarn, and beads.  Since I currently reside in a tiny apartment with barely enough room for my clothes, finding convenient ways to store my craft supplies can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  While I love big boxes and totes to help me keep track of all my must-have essentials, I just can’t pass up a project that A) helps me stay organized and B) helps me use up some of the supplies in my craft stash!

If you’ve been searching for some clever storage solutions that will keep your stash under control AND even help you work through some of your fabric and paper scraps, then you’re going to love this collection of 17 Crafty Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe.  Not only are these genius ideas for storing everything from yarn to colored pencils, but many of these projects can be made with materials you have at home already!


17 Craft Storage Solutions You Have to See to Believe

Check out all these clever and creative ways to keep your crafting supplies, jewelry, and other small nick knacks under control!

Decorative Storage

Recycled Storage Projects

Yarn and Thread Storage

Bead and Jewelry Storage

Other Clever Storage Solutions

How do you organize your craft supplies?

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  1. Cheryl says

    I just moved into a new house my sewing/craft room is smaller than before so the storage ideas were great. They offered ideas for make more room with less space.

  2. Evaline Landry says

    I use the plastic shelves that one hangs in a closet for my yarn and is easy to see what I have.

  3. Wendy says

    I have just started making jewellery so need all the help i can get for jewellery organization

  4. Beth says

    I live, with my husband, dog and two cats in 308 square feet!!! I bead, make jewelry, kumihimo braid, scrap, and make cards, among other things. It can be done!

  5. Irene says

    Necklaces should NEVER be hung. It tires the thread, the end knots and they may become looser. Earrings are lighter, thus the harm is less, but still the ideal way is to keep them flat. For earrings, I use chocolate boxes – which are separeted into compartments.

  6. Louise says

    I have a storage that I haven’t seen anywhere yet. I use the small acrylic paints like Plaid that I buy at Walmart. Whenever we get pizza out, we always bring back some in a small pizza box. I found that you can put 2 rows of the paints in 1 box. It works best to stand the box up on the front side, so when you slide it out of the shelf, it open from the bottom up and is hinged on the top. I put the colors on the side that I can see when it is on the shelf. I put the gold, silver, bronze, etc. in 1 box. The reds, pinks, oranges in another. Like that. It is very easy to see what is there and which color is in which box. Works great!

  7. Kristen Auletto says

    These ideas are so useful! I particularly like jewelry storage ideas. I always forget to wear my jewelry because it isn’t organized and in view! My mom and I tried to make a jewelry organizer out of a picture frame, but I want to make a new one with the lace. It is such a pretty and elegant touch, yet is simple enough that it would look good in any room. Organizing my jewelry will definitely help me to make better use of it and wear it more often!

  8. Jill B. says

    As a busy college student, I am always looking for new ways to organize my space. Not only are these suggestions practical, but they are also incredibly cute and will add style to any room! One of my biggest struggles is keeping my jewelry organized. I currently use a traditional jewelry box, which makes searching for specific accessories difficult. I often have to spend a significant amount of time untangling jewelry before I am able to wear it (not ideal when I’m in a rush!). I love the idea of the Lacy Vintage Earring Organizer and Wooden Tray Jewelry Organizer because they serve the dual purpose of organizers and room decorations. Having all of my jewelry on display would continually remind me what I have and inspire me to wear my jewelry more often (especially with the ease of being able to take it off the wall). These organizers would also provide me with a fun way to share my jewelry collection with friends who enter my room!

  9. JoDee Cross says

    Your ideas are so clever and awesome. I am anxious to try the vintage earring holder.
    These things are so very clever. I do have to many crafting items. I do pretty well with some of them but not all! I do have a lot of yarn that some times gets out of hand. thank you for all the great ideas! Happy Crafting!

  10. Suzi Cadwell says

    I am the sad yet appreciative recipient of necklaces every time any family or friend passes on; to date, I have over 400+ necklaces with NO IDEA how to display AND store them! I enjoy wearing them daily but it is quite impossible to pick one out of such an enormous inventory … HELP PLEASE?

  11. B C says

    The turn type tie or belt racks that hang work well for necklaces. I store mine by color so I can easily find what I am looking for. I have an organizer hanging behind a door with a cloth over it to keep dust off for jewelry and hair bows.

  12. Tonya says

    While I love the tips what I saw under the link closet storage for yarn showed no storage I hate when things lead to links for advertising please keep your links what they are suppose to be

  13. lisa says

    does anyone have STUFF to make STUFF but its so unorganized, you don’t create…then feel guilty cause you want to, but it seems like such an undertaking you just don’t…..no don’t have money to get things to organize things with, and am semi disabled…..no excuse really just only one I got LOL….

  14. Eve says

    I recently bought a stand, you see them in various shops, with ‘arms’ sticking out in several places down the length of the stand. I now have storage for over 80 balls of wool which I can see instantly which makes choosing and matching colours so easy. I just push each ball onto the arms. Hope this will be helpful to someone.

  15. Susan Jerabek says

    I am The Master when it comes to storage and organization. Since I’m allergic to dust….I like things covered. I buy/bought a zillion plastic shoe size boxes at the dollar store…prefer the clear or simi-clear ones. Fill them and using a recipe card to the inside…label what’s in here! They stack great. One shelf can hold numerous stacks of organized boxes that I use the most. I stack them about 4 or 5 high, o a 36″ shelf over my work/sewing table. It’s actually pretty easy to slide out the bottom one that you want! Then for the “stuff you never use….but might”. We installed wire shelving around the entire room…about 18″ from the ceiling. Don’t use the hardware designed for them though. Use the heavy duty “white” shelf brackets. They have holes already drilled in them for installing them on the wall…sit the shelving on top of them and secure with wire ties…using the holes on the top of the bracket. They are STURDY…especially if you can hit studs with the brackets. We have about One bracket hitting every 3rd stud….studs are supposed to be 16″ a part…but aren’t always that way. You can add more brackets if you need them. We did our entire shed/workshop the same way. It creates endless storage. Plus you can hang stuff from the wire shelves themselves using the metal shower hooks…or whatever else works for that. I buy the cardboard fold-up book/banker boxes from Walmart for storage and design the shelves for their height. Usually get 3 to 5 in a back. Super sturdy boxes with holes cut in the sides for handles…and LIDS! Easy to Label too. I like things covered no matter where or what I store. You can shelf an entire room…all the way around…or just a wall or two. We even go right over the door since that is such a wasted space. I also bought “put together” 12″ wide, particle board towers…about 30″ tall….and they also stack! I have them stacked 2 and 3 high….and they hold lots of stuff as well as those great shoe boxes. And our best purchases were metal lateral files. 3′ long and about 4′ high with 4 drawers(Large drawers). You would not believe how much sewing fabric you can get in them! And the tops double as a nice shelf….for more shoe boxes! Since I buy fabric in large quantities, I made cardboard bolts for it and stack them on top of the lateral files…just like in the fabric stores…It’s even pretty easy to vacuum the tops and fronts of the bolts….sides stay clean since they but up to each other. I have 2 files on one wall, so that gives me 6′ of heavy duty shelving. And for under your workbench/sewing table….buy those plastic 3 drawer storage units…on wheels. Shove them under your bench and I use a hook cane to retrieve them when I need to. I have a large bench! Again, the drawers are simi-clear so you can stick a card in the front to label what’s in each drawer…and in some cases…just see what’s inside. You think you’re remember what in them….but trust me…you don’t! And don’t even get me started on the closet!
    Hope my suggestions can help you.
    Susan Jerabek

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