Craft Rooms Exposed Series: Week 5

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Welcome to the fifth issue of the FaveCrafts Craft Rooms Exposed series!  As promised in our monthly craft question post, we will be featuring one craft room every Monday.  Get inside tips from some of our favorite bloggers and designers and find out how they turn their craft rooms into lean, mean crafting machines!   And now without further adieu, let’s explore our latest featured craft room.

Featured Room Designer: Alyice Edrich from Alyice Edrich Creatives

Organizational Tip: I just reorganized my craft room, yet again, by purchasing more plastic bins and shelves and adding an extra table. For me to create, I need things easily accessible and I need some sort of organization. For instance, I have a bin with three drawers that has “in progress” hand painted papers, “ready to alter” hand painted papers, and “ready to frame” hand painted papers. Then I have a bin with three drawers for hand painted papers that I sized. Each size is then placed into a baggie and labelled…right now I have 2×2, 4×3, and 5×7 cut papers. I also have bins with drawers for tags, mulberry papers, store-bought papers, and scrap papers.I can buy the bins from Wal-Mart and Dollar General from $4 to $15 a pop and the shelves from Wal-Mart for $20. Because they are white, they brighten up my dungeon (my art room is in the basement next to my office). And because the bins are see-through, I can see at a glance where things are saving me time when I need something specific.

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  1. says

    Don’t you love the see through storage Alyice?! I sure do, I have the same thing, but wow, I sure am envying the size of your space! It’s so neat as well. I’m thinking I need to purge big time.

  2. says

    Sheryl, I do! I have some that are foggy, and I really want to replace them for the more clear ones but cannot justify the cost. However, hubs it talking about buying some for himself so maybe I can swap them out. 🙂

  3. nik says

    I agree, I love transparent storage…bins, boxes, jars and so on. My sister has a wonderful glass curio cabinet that she uses to store her fabrics…so easy to see what you have and so inspiring to look at!

  4. crystal says

    I have 3 hobby/crafts going. I scrapbook, coupon and bible class. I have one small bedroom to keep everything in. I just can’t seem to get my stuff divided up where I can have each in an sperate area where I don’t spend all week looking for something. How do you start without overwheming yourself. I’m disabled and can’t stay with anything more than 30 minutes without alot of pain so have to stop and come back to it.

  5. Mickie says

    I saw the clear bins on sale this week so pay day I’m going to pick me up a couple.
    The see through ones are the best and so easy to move on the casters!
    I plastic canvas and I sew. I wish I had a craft room but I’m in the livingroom in my own little corner lol
    One day I will have my own craft room!!

  6. Jen says

    This is so cool. I should really get around to organizing my craft space! (which is just a small corner in my bed room!) 🙂

  7. Maude says

    I too love the see through bins and I have been lucky at finding me some at yard sales and flea markets…they are so much cheaper….I also keep my Miracle Whip plastic jars to put stuff in and best of all they are see through so I know what I have in there…I have a metal rack that is about 7 ft tall 18 inches wide and 4 ft long to store my material on…I love it but I do have to admit that my room needs to be orginized bad…I also have 2 sewing machines/ one is an embroider / sewing …I have a regular sewing machine / a serger and a hemmer…I use them all…Love to craft and sew

  8. Beth Craig-Markle says

    For those of us with spaces that are open to the view of other spaces, ie in the living room, bedroom etc my sister came up with an ingenious idea. Alyice’s idea of using the clear storage bins is upgraded by putting those inside cheap $19-20 book shelf/pantry shelf units, white. The clear plastic bins are too deep for them so she just took the backs off. She added three in her kitchen, two of one size and another bigger one in the middle. In the bigger one she removed all the shelves but the permanent one. Using white would still keep Alyice’s ‘dungeon’ upbeat and closing the cupboard doors keeps everything out of view. If you VERY handy she made a platform to put them on, and turned them UPSIDE DOWN. She added nicely stained pieces on the top, (originally it was going to be crown moulding)That last touch makes them look like built ins!!! Need a taller space? She removed all the shelves in one of the pantry units, even the permanent stabilizer one and put in one long verticle stabilizer, cutting the shelves she had taken out to size and adding them back in on one side using small wood pieces to sit them on. Now she has a place for her brooms and swiffer with added small shelves for pantry storage. All artists/crafters have need of those small storage shelves!

  9. Beth Craig-Markle says

    Sorry.I forgot to exlain that she removed the wheels of a 5 drawer, clear plastic storage unit(or 7 drawers…can’t remember now)and slid it into the pantry she took the back off of. The cheap, assemble yourself MDF units are all ones with doors on, not an open book shelf as I mentioned earlier, so that she can close the doors and hide the items inside.

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