Craft Rooms Exposed: My Green Craft Room

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Welcome to the very first issue of the FaveCrafts Craft Rooms Exposed series!  As promised in our monthly craft question post, for 9 weeks we will be featuring one craft room every Monday.  Get inside tips from some of our favorite bloggers and designers and find out how they turn their craft rooms into lean, mean crafting machines!   And now without further adieu, let’s explore our first featured craft room.

Featured Room Designer: Tina from TStitchesandCrafts

Organizational Tip: You don’t have to break the bank to have a functional and creative work space. You can have a creative space that makes you happy and spend very little money creating it. I want to share My Green Craft Room with you. I am very thrifty and love to recycle any chance I get as you will soon see. I’m also known to be very unique. My craft room is a far cry from fancy but I love it and everything thing in it inspires me to be creative. I hope my craft room will inspire you to create your own creative space in your home.

The Tour: My Green Craft Room

My Green Craft Room

Tina says: It is amazing what you can do with two card board boxes and a folding table! Cover that support post with crochet grafitti! A clipboard hanging from the ceiling makes a great place to put current project notes!

My Green Craft Room

Tina says:  The packages my curtains came in turned into a handy hanging holder for my sewing doo-dads. My old pocket book turned into a pin cushion with scissor and ruler storage.

My Green Craft Room

Tina says: Baskets and plastic containers make for great storage. Store your fabric paint upside down in a plastic container and your arm won’t fall off from trying to shake the paint to the tip.

For more great tips from Tina, make sure to read her blog post about her craft room.

Be sure to check out our free eBook, How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers for more great tips!

What craft room organization tips do you have to share?

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  1. Kim says

    I had to laugh. I have that exact white and gold dresser in my craft room. It was mine as a child and I just can’t bear to part with it.

  2. judy best says

    I was trying to figure out how to store all my crochet thread. I now have them in large tubs, realized I didn’t know what colors were in them so now trying to replace with see through. it concerned me if I didn’t keep it in something closed in, the dust would damange the thread. I have 4 to 6 stacks from floor to ceiling. What is hard is not being able to see whats in the tubs behind first row and when I need something from the bottom tub. I wanted something like you have but didn’t know about it being enclosed. I watch Nat and he says to put things high and not use the floor space. What you have, I probably would have to go all the way around the room. Please advise if you have any ideas for me. Yours looks great.

  3. says

    @ Judy Best
    Well Judy I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head but the one that seems the easiest is old tall book cases. The top shelves you could store your crochet threads in clear small plastic storage containers or place a curtain rod across the top of the book case and add a clear shower curtain. I would cut the curtain off were the crochet thread storage ended myself. Bottom shelves use to store other items that don’t need protecting. I have more ideas if you want them. Please contact me via my website. Hope this helps. Have a Happy Creative Day! T =)

  4. says

    I had the same cream/gold dresser, too. Used to be my mom’s until I confiscated it! Then we had a hurricane/flood and I lost it! Oh well! Brought back memories – thanks for some great ideas!

  5. Joy Stewart says

    I saw the white/gold dresser and looked up at my husband and said “that’s the same as the one in my sewing room closet… :}” It seems a lot of us like the same things.

  6. Cherry Ping says

    Yep I have the same dresser. Great minds think alike. My craft room is my whole basement and garage. But I’m not organized. Everytime I try, I can’t find things when I need them.

  7. SHARON says

    To funny, well I don’t have that dresser
    but I have a couple of the pieces that went with it.
    Love this site! I’ll have to share as soon as i can get some pic’s of my craft

  8. says

    @ Everyone who has or had a white/gold dresser. LOL =) I am tickled pink my thread/note cards/fabric dresser has made you all smile! I got it brand new still wrapped in the plastic for free from a man my other-half worked with. His wife had no use for it and it was taking up space. Happy Me… It was love at first site when I saw it and is now my favorite Green items in my craft room. It is just beautiful! T =)

  9. Barb Kender says

    When faced with the dilemma of what to do with an unused Q-sized waterbed I decided to stack the underbed drawer sections and have my husband build a stand to raise them up. We then bought a piece of laminate countertop for the top. The result is a wonderful storage for all my quilt fabric, with a countertop to put my craft books and plastic drawers for notions. The pier cabinets then were placed side-by-side and hold larger pieces of fabric in the cabinets, more storage for books on the shelves and additional drawer space below. Not wanting anything to go to waste the side panels were put above our patio door and double windows in our dining room and now house all my little baskets and small teapots. The best thing is that if we ever need to use the waterbed again we have almost all of the components.

  10. sandy trujillo says

    have an idea for storing materials inside solid colored totes. tape a page protector to side of tote, place a picture or two of the contents in page protector. makes it easier to keep like totes together.

  11. says

    I love the craft room! I had an idea about 6 years ago to put my paints in a large fishing box. Mine is see through plastic on the top which is a shallow area that I keep my brushes, sponges,misc. tools in then the bottom opens up and holds about 30 bottles. It is probably the best idea I have come up with. I can store it away and everything is always together.

  12. Dorothy says

    I had an idea for a work table but my craft room is too small for it. Maybe someone else can use the idea. I would use two dressers (Ikea has reasonably priced ones in different heights)as supports with the rawers facing out each end, then put a door (the cheap, plain, hollow core kind) across the top. These doors usually come with a hole drilled for the doorknob assembly so it would be a good place to feed the electric cords down through. Sure wish I had the space for it!

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