Quilting Color Pop: Finding the Perfect Free Quilt Pattern in Any Color

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We’ve all got a favorite color, and this can be a real joy for quilters. When we have a go-to color, any pattern seems possible. The editors at FaveQuilts have seen all kinds of color schemes and amazing blends, but today, we wanted to focus on the basics. All you need to do is pick a color and see how you can use it to bring out the best in your quilt:

Quilt in Color: Free Patterns


Nothing burns brighter than red, and it’s versatility really shows through once you start using it within your different designs. There’s a special kind of romance that’s created when you blend red squares with whites and pinks to make an unforgettable patchwork pattern. Use a more modest shade to accentuate a classic design, or mix your shades together to give a simple quilt pattern more depth. Bold quilters will also appreciate how powerful a statement the darker shades create.


For a refreshing sense of brightness and energy, definitely consider orange. Whether it’s in the center of a basic quilt block pattern or running in and out of a complicated pattern like the rail fence quilt shown above, orange will make your patterns stand out.


Are you just bursting with positivity and want your quilt pattern to do the same? Then you should become a fan of yellow! These cheery hues are popular with all ages, meaning you can design yourself a new throw and make a cute little quilted wallhanging for your little one. Fashionistas looking to make their outfit pop should make their next quilted bag pattern with some happy yellow fabric.


Go green (literally) with another versatile color that creates a sense of natural beauty within any quilt pattern. Bright greens are excellent for springtime, especially if you’d like to depict some actual nature in your pattern. Many of the best garden quilt patterns utilize green as a base to complement other colors while still maintaining an overall balance of hues.


Another very popular color is blue. Not only is it a go-to color for patterns for boys, but its cool tones feel right at home within winter patterns. There are so many different shades that you can create a unique pattern simply with this primary color.


Mysterious and elegant, purple is a beautiful and rich color sure to present a sense of regality in your patterns.


Have fun with your projects of any size by adding one of the liveliest colors there is; pink. It’s a favorite for designing quilt patterns for girls, as well as embellishing fashion patterns. Pink patterns are also a special way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.


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What’s your favorite color to quilt with?



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  1. Wanda Lopez says

    I wish I could narrow it down to just one color, I cannot do that I simply love all the colors of the rainbow. I really enjoy mixing them up too.

  2. says

    One color is hard to say, but I guess I would go for red or blue. I am a new quilter and could use all the help I can get. We are three weeks away from having our first great grandchild and I would love to do some quilts, wall hangings, and some toys. Thank you in advance, just in case I win because I would be so excited I would be crying and probably unable to talk at that point.

  3. Debi Horne says

    Usually I love the blues, but I’m trying to expand my palette, so I’m going into reds and neutrals. However, SoHo Solids are so pretty, I’d take them all if I could.


  4. Adrianne says

    Greens and burgundies. Always have been. I hate that stores have gone to the sages and what I call the ‘Grinch’ greens. I just love the ‘richer’ and ‘earthier’ tones.

  5. carol F. says

    after using mostly pastels for so long, I’m ready to branch out with jewel tones now. Love the teals, saffire ruby, etc., but find I’m drawn mostly to the cool tones.

  6. DoreenG says

    This is very hard to answer as I love scrappy, multicolor quits. If I must choose, then it would have to be Reds or maybe Yellows. ;)))

  7. Emilee says

    I love scrappy quilts with lots of color…but if I had to choose one color I lean toward it would be blue.

  8. Kathy says

    Love all colors but I just looked at my stash and the predominant color is blue, then seconded by orange.

  9. says

    All and any shade of purple is my favorite, and appears in most of my quilts, even if they are scrappy. If it doesn’t fit with the front coloration, I manage to put it somewhere in the back design!

  10. Karen Seitz says

    After thinking about it, I would have to say white is my favorite color to piece with. I love how it makes all of the other colors pop!

  11. Addie Johnson says

    I love working with lavenders and blacks, with greens mixed in. Most of my quilts have purples of some shade in them.

  12. Rosemary Rivas says

    Lately I’ve been using a lot of black and more recently gray. I’ve always loved gray, it goes with any color so it’s very versatile.

  13. Cindy Wienstroer says

    I love the secondary colors of green, purple and orange. I seem to use all the colors but those are my favorites. But I do try to choose colors that match the person I am giving it to – they must love the colors or the quilt is not a success!

  14. says

    My son wanted a old fashion quilt so I purchased Fabrics in civil war colors and cut the material in all kind of shapes. I am just ready to add borders. So far it doesn’t look bad at all. He is thrilled with it . I will be glad when it is done. It would have been so much easier if I had used a pattern but he wanted it to look like I just kept adding scraps of fabric and look old fashion. I am new to quilting and this has been quite a project and has all kind of colors.

  15. Donna Knudsen says

    I mostly make kid’s quilts for charity so my stash is full of bright, cheery colors heavily weighted towards pink and blue.

  16. Rhonda Davis says

    Purple is my favorite color but lately I’ve been using blue, yellow, pink and green. Grandkids have needed quilts and I can’t say no to them!

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