Cinema Saturdays: Thrifty Christmas Pillows

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Repurpose decorative cloth napkins in Christmas designs into festive pillows for the Christmas season with this video tutorial from If you have a holiday napkin set that’s missing too many napkins to use at the table, try making decorative pillows out of the remaining napkins. You can preserve your favorite fabric prints in these easy pillows. This is also a great way to use Christmas napkins you have may have gotten on clearance last January. If you loved the design when it was a napkin, you’ll love it even more as a throw pillow!

Watch this simple video tutorial to learn how to make Christmas pillows from upcycle napkins, or print out step-by-step instructions on

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  1. Joanne Deschenes says

    It’s funny that I decided to put this idea out today. I don’t have any finished pictures, but I’d like to tell you what I did. My family is spreading out,and I wanted to get homemade gifts for the grandparents and aunts and uncles. This year, I sent bed-sized pillow cases and permanent fabric markers. I asked their parents to have them drawer pictures on them and return them to me. I’m going to set the ink and wrap them and send them back to the proper recipients. This way the kids make something that can be saved as a memento for their grandparents, and its something they really made.

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