Cinema Saturday: How to Make a 3D Pop Up Tree Card

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Now that Christmas is over, you’ll be starting to write thank you cards to your loved ones for the gifts and good times you shared together. You may have already run out of store-bought cards, or you may just want to make your own. Either way, designing handmade holiday cards isn’t difficult at all, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Check out this quick and easy tutorial courtesy of to learn one way you can make a pop up card that will really make a statement. This is one crafting technique you’ll want to use year round!

How to Make a 3D Pop Up Tree Card

Do you prefer to buy cards or make them? Let us know below!

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  1. Pat Hathaway says

    I have made thousands of cards over the last 10 years and can hardly allow myself to actually buy one. But now I have gotten interested in sewing and quilting and hate to put my sewing machine and fabric away in order to get out my card making supplies. I have boxes of card makings tucked away so I can usually whip up a card if I need one but tend to use email instead–postage is too expensive and my cards are so elaborate I have to pay extra to mail them. We sent out about 6 Christmas cards because they cost $2 each to mail. LOL I guess you could say I am conflicted about cards.

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