In Case You Missed It: “11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More”

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I am a huge fan of festive attire at any time of year. During the summer, I create wearable crafts with more color than in fall or winter. Around Halloween, I bust out the orange and black and go a little heavier on the eye makeup. At Easter, it’s pastels at all times, and pretty dresses.

The same trend holds true, of course, around Christmastime. Bring on the ugly sweaters, the handmade hats, the holiday earrings. You better believe I’ll find an excuse to wear my knee-high green and red striped socks, and I’ll roll up my skinny jeans to show them off, proudly. To me, nothing says “I’m getting in the holiday spirit” like dressing up in wearable crafts.

You can make great wearable crafts for the holidays when you download the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook! Christmas wearable crafts are perfect gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Even if your friend, cousin, or child doesn’t love to wear handmade hats or homemade scarves, there’s always the argument of practicality. If it’s cold, you’ll need a hat. Why not make it an elf hat? If it’s brisk, you’ll need a scarf. Why not make it a Fleece Scarf with Pom Poms?

It may be more than six months until Christmas, but making great handmade Christmas gifts takes time . . . especially if you’re going to try making all eleven wearable crafts in this great AllFreeChristmasCrafts eBook!

What you’ll find in this eBook:

Loom Knitted Santa Hats: Talk about getting in the Christmas spirit. Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like these great Loom Knitted Santa Hats. They’re festive, sure, but they’re also practical: if you live in a seasonal climate, you need to keep that head warm. Put those knitting skills to the test when you knit this great handmade Christmas gift found in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.

Santa Scarf: Now this homemade scarf is just so precious, I had to share. The scarf project has you make Santa’s face and beard on one end, and the entire length of the scarf is his hat! The scarf tapers to a point, then you attach a puff ball for the pom-pom, and you have the finished product. Best of all, you don’t need to sew to make this adorable scarf because this blogger gives directions for a no-sew version as well. Find this incredibly endearing scarf in the 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More eBook.



Download a copy of 11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More; like all of our great eBooks, it’s free!







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What is your favorite wearable Christmas craft that you’ve made?

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