Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some Handmade Gift Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, crafters everywhere will be looking for some sweet and heartfelt gift ideas to make for their loved ones. The editors at AllFreeChristmasCrafts are very excited, because we’ve seen many wonderful Christmas crafts that would be just as thoughtful in February. You can make edible crafts, wearables, or even a personalized card with some special details to show your loved one you care.

Strawberries and Chocolate Tree – Make a tree craft that’s both decorative and delicious.  This is an unconventional approach to the standard chocolate covered strawberries gift that’s often considered very romantic. You’ll impress whoever receives this with how professional-looking it is, and you won’t have to worry about it taking up space during the rest of the year, because it’ll be gone before the night is over.

Bite Size Chocolate Spoons – There’s no better way to top off a nice holiday dinner than a minty, chocolatey dessert. If you’re having a party on Valentine’s Day, these will be a great addition to your Christmas table, or you can give a box of them as a cute homemade gift. Not all chocolates have to break your bank! Something homemade will be much more touching.


“We Love You” Jar – If you have little ones at home who you’d like to encourage to get into the spirit, or if you’d like to give them something special, this easy kids craft is a very popular choice for many crafters. All you need to do is cut up some paper scraps and come up with your best personal messages for whichever loved one will be receiving this. A jar craft like this is a simple way to teach kids the value of creating handmade gifts as opposed to buying something.

Single Serving Hot Chocolate in a Jar – Another great use for craft jars is one that cocoa fans will love. If you have a special recipe for homemade tea or coffee, you can easily switch those options in. Anyone who loves to start the day with a warm cup of something to drink will appreciate this so much, and they can refill it for every day use.

Cocktail Ring – Jewelry is always romantic, but very expensive to personalize. Now you can make something truly one-of-a-kind for your special someone with this very thrifty tutorial. You can find a look that matches their style and personality, making this piece of DIY jewelry one they will want to wear every day of the year.

Center Step Card –  One of the toughest parts of Valentine’s Day is finding a card that gets across your message of love and thankfulness without being generic. As a crafter, there’s no better solution than to make a homemade card, and this one in particular really pops with a 3D effect. Design a personal message that you can make stand out with your choice of festive cardstock.

What are you thinking of giving this Valentine’s Day?

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