Plan Ahead: 14 DIY Fall and Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Fall and Winter Centerpieces

Spring and summer are the two biggest seasons for weddings. My sister just got married about three weeks ago, so I know how much planning she had to do in an abnormal amount of time in advance, just to make sure she got everything done before the rush for all the other summer weddings went […]

Fresh Solutions for an Old Rhyme: Something Blue Ideas


Originating in the much-looked-to Victorian era, the century-old rhyme, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is a method for bringing a bride good luck. Superstitious or not, it’s fun to incorporate these four elements into your wedding-day ensemble. If you’re stumped as to how to make something blue work, we’re teeming with ideas. […]

Bam! Plan a Superhero Bachelorette Party

Bam! Superhero Party Ideas

Your best friend has found that “Bam!” “Pow!” “Wow!” romance and she’s getting married. With great power, comes great responsibility; you’d better throw her a zinger of a bachelorette party. She’s into superheroes –those muscular people who wear spandex and fight evil–so you already have the perfect theme. Here are some unique bachelorette party ideas […]

Tropical Getaway: Nautical Wedding Inspiration


Sun’s out, fun’s out, and if you’re throwing a warm-weather fete, it better scream summer. Gorgeous greens, bright blues, soft sea foam, and pure white make for a romantic affair that guarantees a good time. Even if your venue isn’t located on the beach, the details below will ensure guests feel sand between their toes, […]

Light Up the Night: 25 DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding


You glow, girl, and on your wedding day, you’re going to glow even more brightly than ever before. Filled with love, magic, and a whole lot of smiles, the only thing missing from your glow is uber-romantic lighting. Don’t rely on the setting sun or the awful fluorescents your venue offers to make your wedding […]

11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding

7 Sinfully Easy Midnight Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding

Weddings can be exhausting for guests. With all that dancing and drinking, wedding party-goers often end up hungry before they are ready to exit the festivities. These 11 Sinfully Easy Late Night Snack Ideas for Your DIY Wedding will send your guests home with a happy stomach. Many wedding themes are ripe with easy midnight […]

Wedding Trends 2014: The Wedding Dresses You’ll Kill For


I’m going to take a moment to brag about my job. My research? Sit front row at a bridal fashion show and take photographs of all the glitz, glam, and glory. When I say you’ll kill for these dresses that I saw, I’m not kidding. There’s no kidding in weddings. Wedding dresses are just exquisite, […]

Wedding Planning Tips: Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters

Gold Animal Escort Card Holders

  Celebrating a new couple’s love out in the fresh air can be absolutely stunning and so much fun. Some of the most memorable weddings I have attended have been outdoor weddings. Though there are, arguably, more potential problems when your wedding doesn’t take place between four walls, this is no reason to keep your […]