21 Ways to Crochet, Knit or Sew a Bag

I have a confession to make: I simply love bags. Big totes, small pouches – I don’t care how big it is. If a bag catches me eye, I simply HAVE to have it. While it’s fun to go shopping and check out the latest style, it’s not so fun to watch my bank account […]

Flip, Meet Flop: DIY Decorative Sandals


Everybody knows that good things come in pairs. One earbud isn’t the same as two earbuds, cookies don’t taste as yummy without milk, and if you’re missing a contact lens, you know you’re out of luck. Similarly, every flip needs its flop! Bring your two favorite summer accessories together and make the most out of […]

More Tees, Pretty Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

More Tees Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

Get ready for summer fun by stocking your drawers with a seasonal essential: t shirts! T shirts are lightweight, so they will keep you cool during outdoor activities. Plus, any color or design looks great with a pair of jeans. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a graphic tee that reflects […]

Use Clip-On Earrings to Update Any Outfit In 5 Minutes

This post is brought to you by Brianna Balesso. Clip-on earrings have so many uses. Okay, I know what you’re thinking- “Really, clip-on earrings?” Yes! Clip-on earrings are making a huge comeback and best of all, you can make a pair yourself without ever leaving home!   If you’re ready to start creating your own […]

Head Back To School With Style: How to Make a Felt Headband

  This tutorial is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion. Triangles are showing up just about everywhere so I figured, why not hair accessories too! I created a signature felt triangle headband and I have to share with you how I created it. It’s super easy and takes just  a few minutes […]

Create Simple Felt Hair Bows For A Mini Fashionista

  This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy for Any Occasion. Today I’m  making something any little girl would love – mini felt bow hair clips! Materials: Felt Die or a cutting template to cut by hand Die cutting machine E6000 glue Silver clips Buttons Instructions: First off, you want to start off […]

Celebrate School Spirit with eBook from FaveCrafts!


It’s back to school time!  Time for football games, pep rallys, homecoming celebrations and parades…and what better way to show off your school spirit than by creating your own unique tie dye shirt, made with your school’s colors! With the help of How to Make Tie Dye Shirts, Décor and More: 18 Tie Dye Patterns, […]