How to Make a Cheetah Headband

Using purple, green, bright pink, or even cheetah duct tape, you can make your very own headband! Every girl needs at least one cute and fashionable headband to pull back her hair. In fact. they are one of the best accessories a girl could have. Simply purchase a plain colored plastic headband to start and […]

9 Knockoffs that Will Fool Everyone

So your daughter wants clothes from Forever 21 for Christmas?  Maybe you know someone who registered at Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, or Pottery Barn for an upcoming wedding or baby shower…or perhaps you just love the designer look, but don’t love paying designer prices… Regardless of the reason, we have 9 knockoff projects that are […]

Frugal Tips for Caring for Your Jeans (and How to Use Them When They Get Old)

This guest post was written by Kira from Tip Hero. Choosing the Best Jeans for Your Budget and Body Depending on what you do from day to day, jeans could be one of those clothing pieces that you get the most wear out of. Therefore, it’s important to invest in jeans that are going to […]

11 Frugal Ways to Update Your Shoes


Guest post from Tip Hero Are you the type of person that loves shoes but hates spending hard earned money on them? The good news is that by utilizing a bit of creativity, you can actually create “new” shoes from your tired old shoes. Whether you want to improve the look, feel or condition of […]

Yard Sales Creativity, Viewer’s Opinions


  Don’t you just love when you felt you ripped off someone at a yard sale knowing you just picked up something for a nickel that was normally twenty bucks or more. You can’t help but think, pay it real quick, run to the car and leave rubber tire marks on the road thinking that […]

Guest Post: 21 Homemade Personal Care Products


This guest post comes from Kira Cowan of Tip Hero Shopping for beauty and personal hygiene products can get expensive. Between hair care, skin care, and dental hygiene, among other things, it’s easy to overspend at your local drugstore. However, with just a bit of free time and creativity, you can make your own personalized […]